Franchise Radio Show 137 “Franchising As An Asset Class” with David Weaver

David Weaver has a diverse and comprehensive entrepreneurial background to draw on as a FranChoice consultant. Having honed his business skills in a variety of ways, he now looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with others interested in business ownership. David embodies the Midwestern values of honesty and integrity in all aspects of life. … Read more

Franchise Radio Show 136 “The Risks and Opportunities in Today’s Business Environment” with Peter Knight

Peter Knight is an entrepreneurial accountant and has set up and run a number of businesses over the last 7 years.He is founder of the Franchise Accountants Network, a group of accountants Australia-wide who specialize in franchising. This works well with his other business – Smart Franchise which works with franchise groups on the business and financial side of things.

Franchise Radio Show 135 “Lesson from a Father – a Franchise Dynasty” – with AJ Titus, President United Franchise Group

A.J. Titus, President of United Franchise Group and Signarama, a respected leader in the franchising industry, cultivated his deep connection and passion for entrepreneurship from a foundation built by legends within the industry. A.J.’s father, Ray Titus, CEO and founder of United Franchise Group, the global leader for entrepreneurs, and his grandfather, Roy Titus, Founder of Minute Man Press.

Franchise Radio 131 “HR To Fuel Your Growth” with Brendan & Nathan Forwood, SBBPeople

Brendan Forwood Brendan’s HR career encompassed working in the corporate world, specifically insurance, banking, and aviation. He has invested time as a consultant in a Fast 100 behaviour and motivation strategy start-up consulting to the mining sector and NFP broadening his expertise. His strength is the ability to read the pulse of people and business … Read more

Franchise Radio 100 “BIG yet simple lessons for franchisor growth – Earworx”

Lisa Hellwege & Scott Marston are directors of Earworx. Lisa’s career has spanned over 20 years and has taken her on a varied path from hospital nursing through to pharmaceutical roles, infection control, education consulting and of course, within the specialization of Ear Nose and Throat at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Lisa is highly qualified and … Read more

Franchise Radio Show 77 “PR Secrets Exposed – How It Can Help Your Franchise Grow” with Monica Rosenfeld

Monica Rosenfeld has been running her PR agency WordStorm PR for 17 years now. Before launching WordStorm she produced Channel Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’ where she learned how NOT to do PR. Because of her wide-ranging previous experience she has developed a passion for educating businesses how to use main stream media’s desire for new and … Read more

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Through Franchise Simply® we help business owners who want to grow their business into a more valuable asset through franchising. The team of expert advisors at Franchise Simply® does this this through our simple three step Franchise Success Path which can be delivered in many different ways to suit you. We work closely with our team of leading franchise experts to provide the full range of services to the franchise industry, from carefully crafted legal agreements and operations and procedure manuals, to expert advice on corporate structures, fee structures, territory planning, franchisee support, recruitment and much more…The result - our members implement fast and get everything they need to succeed all in one place. Click here to join our inspiring community of entrepreneurs and you can be our next success story.

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