Success Stories

Some of our client’s franchising stories

Each person and business we work with has a unique franchising journey, which is why we tailor yours to effectively work for you. Here’s a few of franchise success stories from our clients.

FitClub Boxing offers exciting group boxing and training classes run over 30 minutes to help people keep fit and healthy and destress.

“I knew we wanted to open more studios and originally we put managers in,” said CEO Annie Prestwidge, “we just found that we wanted a higher level of commitment. But we knew nothing about franchising and needed help. We took up the offer of Brian’s 90 Day Intensive that he was running in late 2020 and found it was a quick and easy method to get our heads around what had to be done and why.

We now have all our systems in place and are opening our second studio which we will franchise later this year.

Woman running on a treadmill in a gym.
People in a gym practicing their punching techniques
Woman in a gym punching a heavy bag during a workout
Woman in a gym with a boxing coach

OMS is a facility maintenance company in the commercial space offering services to different properties across all contract trades. It is a national company already providing services in Brisbane and Sydney.

Damien Owns says, ‘We have been around for over 13 years, and I originally thought I would just use the corporate model to grow my business through Australia. Franchising has given me a new way to do this. I joined Brian in early 2020 and by early 2021 was in the position to display at the Sydney Franchising Expo looking to recruit franchisees. I am now in the process of putting on five territories in Brisbane to be managed by two multi-unit franchisees.

Man in a protective suit with a mask, conducting pest inspection and spraying in a bathroom
Man cleaning a window on a tall building
Man spraying beneath a cabinet during a pest inspection.
Two men discussing maintenance.

Taking Care Mobile Massage delivers massage to the aged care industry. It was started by Sandra Allars in 2011 and grew it to the level where partner Simon had to give up his job to join her.

In 2015 when franchising was just a dream for them without legs, they attended one of the Franchise Simply two-day Kickstart Franchise Training Workshops where they decided to sign up to one of the programs.

Sandra and Simon grew the business by 256% in their first year with Brian before they even franchised, just working on their systems, operations manuals and refining the way they did business. Their operations manuals were a central part of creating this success.

They then franchised and opened three outlets.

Over time, having expanded significantly, they bought back the franchises and changed to a corporate model. Today they have over 25 staff responsible for looking after the whole of Melbourne. What they found was that, because their business was systemised and structured to service franchised outlets, it was easy to change the management structure to successfully use company model to expand.

Sandra and Simon are now looking to use their franchise model again to spread their wings interstate.

Taking Care Mobile Massage is founded on the principles of giving and caring that makes a positive difference in the lives of its team members, clients and partners and through its service and the by supporting organisations including World Vision and Compassion Australia.

Hands of an elderly woman.
Happy woman with her satisfied client.
Table with a card for client information.
Focused woman providing a massage to a client

Lisa Hellwege was a registered nurse when she came up with the concept of her business Earworx and opened it Tasmania in 2016. It was literally an overnight success, so her partner Scott Marston left his high-profile career to join Lisa to expand Earworx to meet the significant demand for the Earworx service.

When they engaged Franchise Simply to help them franchise they decided that the cloud-based model (FranSystems) developed by Franchise Simply was the ideal way to develop systems for their franchised outlets. They did this within a short period of time and now have over 20 clinics Australia-wide and have commitments that will take them to over 100 in 2023.

At the outset of COVID they were able to quickly and simply upgrade their cloud-based operations and training manuals to comply with the varying requirements in the different States. Using Zoom and their amazing operations systems, they have opened over a dozen new outlets professionally without even visiting the sites. An impressive achievement!

This has opened up international opportunities for them and, by using FranSYSTEMS, they expect to be working with overseas partners in the near future.

middle-aged woman undergoing an ear check-up
middle-aged woman undergoing an ear check-up
"Earworx" Information card
Man undergoing an ear check-up

Secrets was franchised but had lost its way and when Mike Parsell purchased it about 4 years ago with seven franchises in place. Mike and his team have since grown the organisation exponentially using the company store model.

In 2020 they engaged Franchise Simply to help them gain a sound understanding of the franchise model and work with them adapting the business to suit accordingly.

Mike Parsell says, “Learning about franchising and putting the systems in place has given us much broader strategic options. Having a percentage of corporate stores and a percentage of franchises allows us much broader options in terms of where we grow and how we grow, and the mix gives the ability to evolve the experience and brand presence in a balanced way.”

Franchising is just another business model, and it’s good to get your base systems in place so you are not worrying about compliance or other problems within the whole group.’

This has given them the confidence to embark on a growth program nationally and internationally.

Shining diamond rings on display.
Grayscale image of a woman wearing diamond earrings and a diamond necklace.
Newlywed man and woman in grayscale on the street
Three diamond rings held in the hand of a woman.

Ben started in New Zealand about 18 years ago with one jumping castle and it grew from there. Today he has 35 jumping castle units in Brisbane which he runs with staff to service 40 to 50 parties a weekend, and an outlet in Auckland managed by a partner which does about the same.

Currently he runs his organisation with staff but acknowledges it is difficult to get the standards his clients require so in 2020 he decided to franchise.

Already working with Franchise Simply and by using the training he has developed in FranSYSTEMS, he has been able to improve Blast’s operations and free up his time and efficiency. He is now at the next step in his franchise having recently appointed his first regional franchise with plans for many more to come.

Blast Bouncy Castles and Event Hire
Happy family in life vests with a sea background and a boat, enjoying a day on the water
Park with multiple inflatable houses and slides
Inflatable playhouse with slide for children's entertainment.

In 2015 over a beer Brad Aylet came up with the concept of National Drones. He met Franchise Simply at the August Melbourne Franchise Expo that year and completed their Franchise Success Path Program in record time to launch their franchise spectacularly at the Sydney Franchise Expo in March 2016. He was buried in enquiries all weekend and it was clear already that the exciting new franchise model had taken off. We worked closely with him at three more expos that year and the growth was such that he has barely needed to do any promotion since. It was also in 2016 that National Drones merged with Fly UAS pilot training school. The next year they opened a Brisbane office and a respected strategic business partnership invested in the company. This enabled them to open in New Zealand in 2018 and continue their impressive growth overseas.

Drones set up outdoors
Drones set up outdoors
"National Drones" Car
Four men with drones

Aziz Elali has operated a number of businesses over the years.

“Inspired by the lack of quality and professionalism within in the pizza industry, Pizzarazzi set its sails in late 2011 to shake up the Pizza community” says Aziz, “We very quickly realised there was a huge demand for what we had to offer. A 24-hour slow rise dough, house made Napoli sauce, fresh-high quality ingredients and premium mozzarella cheese all came together to make what we and all of our raving fans believe to be the best pizza in the world.”

We are so confident in this claim that we back it with our “Best pizza you’ve ever had or its free” guarantee!

Aziz approached Brian to help him franchise and grow his boutique group and today they have five outlets in Tasmania

Sharing his philosophy Aziz said “Whilst our product is definitely a huge part of what we do it’s how and why we do it that matters most to us. We give away tens of thousands of pizzas every year to people in and around Hobart through our “Random acts of kindness” campaigns and our support of local charities and schools. While making the world’s best pizza is definitely a proud achievement, it’s making a real difference in the communities surrounding our stores that gets us out of bed every day.”

Pizza from Pizzarazzi
a girl holding a pizza role

Guy Thompson is a coffee importer and wholesaler who has been producing award-winning coffee since 1997. His coffee has been voted in the top 1% of coffees in Australia and NZ by Golden Bean Awards and won “Cafe of the Year” for Sydney and NSW in 2000.

‘We nailed what it takes to make a cafe great’ said Guy.

Having had such success with his first coffee shop, Bar Bellaccino in Sydney CBD, Guy then used the Franchise Success Path to develop his franchise model and now has five outlets. Currently he is expanding further, offering more customers his famous coffees and food.

Bar Bellacinno
Man holding a cup
Bar Bellacinno

After persevering for some time to convince the authorities to give permission for him to open Taps, his cutting edge Pour Your Own beer bar and restaurant Taps in Mooloolaba, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast Steve and his team worked closely with Brian Keen and Franchise Simply team of experts to develop a franchise model which he used to open the second Taps outlet in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Man and woman playing video games
Two men clinking beer glasses
A crowded bar scene with people
Bridge Road Brewers

Nigel Tan had been operating in the swimming pool cleaning industry for many years when he chose Franchise Simply to help him convert to a franchise model. Nigel worked closely with a number of the Franchise Simply team and used them to write his operations manuals, allowing him to operate his business more efficiently and open the door for him to offer attractive business options to new team members across the Sydney Lower North Shore.

dirty pool pump
pool cleaning
pool aide

Rebalance Pilates and Yoga from Brisbane were operating a number of very successful studios in Brisbane when co-founder Jennifer Grehan and her partner Todd Kuhn decided that the simplest way to expand interstate was to use a franchise model. They worked with Franchise Simply and in the matter if three months had their new franchise model ready to launch. They now operate 12 studios in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

women doing yoga
woman balancing
people doing yoga

Perth based Mark Fregnan had worked as a senior consultant in marketing and media when he decided to open his own new concept franchised accounting and bookkeeping business, Axia Accounting. Mark attended a kickstart franchise training workshop run by Franchise Simply and used their program to develop his model.

After working closely with a number of Franchise Simply’s team of experts he launched Axia and has now expanded to have 14 members in WA and NSW.

Numerous business booths at an event
laptop with graph
Businessmen presenting at the table
Smiling man and woman

Ceri Aubrey had been running See Thru Cleaning since 2007, focusing on commercial clients, shopping centres in particular. In 2013 when he decided to expand into the residential market, he selected Franchise Simply to work with him creating a new franchise business model. He now operates a number of sites across entire NSW Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region

Smiling Team, "See Thru"
smiling man and woman in "See Thru" car background
"See Thru" car/van
Woman in "See Thru" uniform

A great example of standardizing and systemizing a business is Doug McDonald from SpeedyLube in Coffs Harbour.

Speedy Lube is a drive-in car servicing business and when Doug was thinking of franchising so I worked with him to systemize the business. We got all the documents in place, uniforms, scripts for each employee to greet and treat customers and so on. Doug was emphatic that everyone needed to deal with clients in the same way.

Unfortunately, Doug became unwell and decided not to go down the franchising path but to sell the business. The systems and standards his documentation enforced ensured that the business sold fast and for significantly more than it would have otherwise done. The purchaser, not a car mechanic but a professional person and car enthusiast, knew that he could slip into the business easily.

So, because the systems were there and the staff well trained, Doug certainly received a significant and well-deserved bonus for his diligence!

two men checking a car
Speedy Lube
man holding adjustable wrench
Engine oil

Throughout the process of reviewing our business systems we became more efficient and I was able to move away from the day-to-day and start to work on other aspects of the business such as analyzing exactly what the market place was doing.

I found that in Perth we had 56,000 potential clients

And 2000 more were added to this number each year

And if, each year, we only had contact with 20,000 of those clients and only converted 1% of them, we would gain 200 clients for our own business and turnover an additional $6m a year

This suddenly made us feel that what we were doing was so much more achievable.

In addition, putting together the systems for this business, showed us that, if we should franchise, the licence fees alone would be worth an additional $1.5m – without selling another product.

Shannon decided not to franchise at the end of the day. Like Doug, he sold the business for a significant profit instead. It’s a great exit strategy.

An early franchisee in 1982, Brian owned seven stores over a five=year period
franchise alliance logo
Co-founder of this franchise consulting and broking group and franchisor of outlets through Australia and New
colombo logo
Co-founder and franchisor until sold
expense reduction analysts logo
Co-founder and franchisor of the Australian and New Zealand operations, sold regional rights into SE Asia
pressed 4 time logo
Co-founder and franchisor until sold to a dry-cleaning company
kenkleen logo
Co-founder and franchisor until sold
Co-founder and franchisor, selling it to a New Zealand property developer
auto masters logo
Worked with Auto Masters to franchise the business and recruit franchisees
brumbys bakery logo
Worked with the WA State franchisor to grow the WA operations
eagleboys pizza logo
Worked with Tom Potter to recruit WA State Franchisor and franchisees
dominos pizza logo
Worked with Tom McCauley, the Asian Marketing Manager
donut king logo
Recruited franchisees
kwik kopy logo
Worked with Victorian franchisees
cash converters logo
In business with founder Brian Cummins and recruited franchisees
mail boxes etc logo
Recruited State and local franchisees throughout Australia
color tech logo
Worked with Victorian franchisees
pure natural logo
Recruited State and local franchisees throughout Australia
the cheesecake shop logo
Helped with recruitment and international growth
pets paradise logo
Recruited State and local franchisees throughout Australia
jims mowing logo
Helped establish in WA and recruited State and local franchisees throughout Australia
chicken treat logo
Sold corporate stores and recruited franchisees in WA
Recruited State and local franchisees throughout Australia
Recruited local franchisees throughout Australia
Worked with South African franchisors when they first opened in Australia

And these brands are among the clients who’ve successfully used the Franchise Simply Franchise Success Path to franchise their businesses

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Taps Australia Logo
Pizzarazzi Logo
New York Slice Pizzeria Logo
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