Radio Show 77 with Monica Rosenfeld
'PR Secrets Exposed - How It Can Help Your Franchise Grow'

Monica Rosenfeld has been running her PR agency WordStorm PR for 17 years now. Before launching WordStorm she produced Channel Nine’s ‘A Current Affair’ where she learned how NOT to do PR.

Because of her wide-ranging previous experience she has developed a passion for educating businesses how to use main stream media’s desire for new and fresh content to their advantage.

We all know that the media is always on the hunt for new stories. This drive by the media is how Monica helps businesses market their brand.

By talking to media outlets through interviews or televised coverage, she believes that she can teach businesses and business owners how to strategically give a positive impression. Through this, she sees how media outlets can be used as your very own marketing platform.

Wordstorm PR has made Monica a great asset to various businesses through the years. Franchises such as Just Cuts, Sumo Salad, and Hairhouse Warehouse, Jamaica Blue, Muffin Break, Just Better Care, and Home Instead Senior Care has given Monica a huge collection of experiences to get her where she is today.

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