Radio Show 131 With Brendan & Nathan Forwood, SBBPeople
HR To Fuel Your Growth

Brendan Forwood

Brendan’s HR career encompassed working in the corporate world, specifically insurance, banking, and aviation. He has invested time as a consultant in a Fast 100 behaviour and motivation strategy start-up consulting to the mining sector and NFP broadening his expertise. His strength is the ability to read the pulse of people and business culture, identifying strategies to execute cohesion and clarity at all levels.

Nathan Forwood

Nathan’s early career in engaged enforcement and recruitment before commencing his career in industrial relations for the Qld Government Regulator (pre–Fair Work) and later the Fair Work Ombudsman. He worked in many roles (primarily in investigations) where he worked on matters such as 7/11 and Domino’s enforcement activities that many of you might be aware of in the news over the past decade. His focus now is providing support for business owners in all areas of compliance with most commercial strategies.

Brendan and Nathan both work with business owners to help make work more enjoyable for everyone, including the business owners! As HR consultants SBB People act as the outsourced HR team working with business owners and leadership teams to support all areas of people, culture, and compliance in a variety of industries and business sizes across Australia.

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