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Adapting to Change: How Franchise Businesses Stay Agile

Part of the joy of running a franchise is that you do not have to start from the ground up. Instead, you have a reliable business model and recognized brand name to work with from the start, which can help set you on the path to success. As a result of this, it is hardly … Read more

Franchising business focused on kids

On the surface there’s not much difference. A business focused on kids is run much like any other after all. But there are two things that differentiate… The question on who’s the client? And the associated question on who should be the franchisee? Both revolve around the central tenant we preach here at Franchise Simply … Read more

Franchising On The Road…

Having been through several recessions and challenging business environments in Australia over the years, the one thing I have found is that when the economy begins to emerge from a difficult period, there are enormous opportunities for the franchise sector, especially that part of the franchise sector offering simpler, low-cost service units, or mobile franchise. … Read more

What are the five biggest mistakes that most people make when franchising?

In my mind, the following franchise mistakes all come under the umbrella of not understanding what a franchise is all about. Mistake One Thinking the existing business will form the franchise outlet and only getting a legal agreement and operations manual based on that. Invariably, to be successful as a franchise, you are going to … Read more

Does franchising change when you’re taking on franchisees from other states or countries?

Expanding interstate or internationally definitely has different requirements which need to be accommodated. There are a number of things to think about and it definitely helps to be open-minded and flexible to change. Read on to learn more about taking franchisees from other states or countries.

What holds people back from franchising – Part Two

Most business owners think about small business franchising as a way to grow but I find most just don’t take the step to make the necessary changes. Over the years I have found there are a number of reasons.

What holds people back from franchising – Part One

Most business owners think about franchising as a way to grow but I find most just don’t take the step to make the necessary changes. Over the years I have found there are a number of reasons. To do this topic justice, I have written two blogs, each covering four of the eight reasons business … Read more

Why can franchising be such a daunting experience for people

There are a number of reasons for people to shy away from franchising. Is franchising a good idea? Firstly, most people have no idea what franchising really involves. They know that they need to work out fees and territories and that they need a legal agreement but that is about it.

When should a business start thinking about franchising?

Businesses should have franchising in mind from the beginning. However, this is said with some provisos. If you’re asking yourself, ‘should I franchise my business right now’, then read this first.

What have you learnt about selecting the right franchisees

I cannot stress enough how essential it is when it comes to selecting the right franchisees to run your outlets. You need people who will take complete responsibility for delivering your product or service to your valued clients in the way you specify. Every franchise outlet needs to look the same, feel the same and offer the same level of service.
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