February Newsletter

business women

The world changes and we have a choice: Fight hard to keep it the way it was. Notice what happened and then decide to do something with that insight. Thirty years ago, AOL was my company’s biggest client. They charged users $3 an hour to use their precursor to the internet, and paid content providers … Read more

January Newsletter

business women

We’re often reminded that the best way to get what we want is to help other people get what they want. That opening the door for others makes it more likely that others will open the door for us. What makes it odd is the implication that if we don’t get, it’s hardly worth giving. … Read more

December Newsletter

business women

When we look in the mirror, who do we see? The person we see when we look in the mirror is the person we become, the person we fight to defend and persist with. If you see someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends, then every time a potential friend comes along, you will … Read more

November Newsletter

business women

There’s no competition for cookbooks on making food out of soccer balls and hockey pucks. There’s no competition for software that charges you to find out the temperature on Mars. There’s no competition for a service that counts how many pairs of shoes you own. In fact, in every market that’s worth entering, there’s competition. … Read more

October Newsletter

business women

ig companies act like big companies. We don’t take them seriously when they say they care, because there is no “they.” When they send a holiday card or an email, we don’t really think it was from a person we could connect with. Individuals act like individuals. When they write us a note or show … Read more

September Newsletter

business women

The simplest way to run a business is to have no also. We maximize profit, period. At least you’re being honest about it. If you say, “and we also care about the environment,” or “we also care about our people and treat them like family,” or even, “we’re here to serve our customers…” now you’re … Read more

August Newsletter

business women

It’s a shame, because it would help us do a much better job of bringing ideas to people: “I don’t care enough to do what you’re asking.” “I don’t trust you enough to hear you out.” “I don’t believe it’s worth what it will cost in time, money or risk.” “I’m afraid of the changes … Read more

July Newsletter

business women

It must be more than a coincidence that there are almost enough jobs for everyone–a billion more jobs on Earth than there were a generation ago.Private equity firms have taken note of the opportunities in franchising and for several years have been aggressively buying in. Private equity (PE) firms typically pump in capital to expedite … Read more

June Newsletter

business women

The non-networked world was driven by push. The merchant stocked goods and waited for you to come buy them. The manufacturer made things in advance and advertised so you’d go buy them. The cab waited by the corner hoping you’d come out and…For parents in particular, there is a constant tug-of-war going on with how … Read more

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