October Newsletter

business women

ig companies act like big companies. We don’t take them seriously when they say they care, because there is no “they.” When they send a holiday card or an email, we don’t really think it was from a person we could connect with. Individuals act like individuals. When they write us a note or show … Read more

Special COVID-19 August Newsletter

business women

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the electric car maker will have fully self-driving vehicles on the road by the end of the year. During an earnings call with investors on Wednesday, the serial entrepreneur revealed that he is already testing an updated version of the firm’s Autopilot software on his commute to work in … Read more

Special COVID-19 April / May Newsletter

business women

Immediately after the dramatic 1991 recession, at The Franchise Alliance the two John’s and I experienced a huge spike in franchisee enquiries Australia-wide. And I expect the same to happen later this year…so gear yourself up to fill the vacuum by offering franchise opportunities in your business. Watch this space for the announcement of how … Read more

December Newsletter

business women

She began as a part time receptionist working through university. Now she owns and runs two serviced apartment businesses…Domino’s recently surveyed more than 8,500 customers and found old phrase ‘love thy neighbors’ is a thing of the past, with people seemingly more disconnected than ever before.Working capital is what makes the business world go round. … Read more

November Newsletter

business women

There’s a story going around about a father who gives his son an old watch and asks him to go ans sell it…ready on for moreThink customers need to produce a receipt, or the original packaging, to return an item? Think again. Companies are increasingly embracing new digital technologies and automation tools, allowing professionals to … Read more

September Newsletter

business women

The Megatrend being adopted by leading retailers Amid an increase in consumer consciousness wise words from sales guru Brian Walker who cites Albert Einstein when he says “Don’t sell me a product, sell me a purpose.” This is now the catch-cry of top sales people worldwide.Pizza giant unveils payment revolution. Domino’s plans to ditch the … Read more

February Newsletter

business women

The world changes and we have a choice: Fight hard to keep it the way it was. Notice what happened and then decide to do something with that insight. Thirty years ago, AOL was my company’s biggest client. They charged users $3 an hour to use their precursor to the internet, and paid content providers … Read more

August Newsletter

business women

While the military is by far and away the greatest investor in drone technology, clearly the best use of drones is to save and protect human life. How are drones going to work when it comes to emergency services?There is always something new out of Africa,” the ancient Greeks used to say. Back then, the … Read more

June Newsletter

business women

It’s amazing how culture can directly influence each of our day-to-day lives. In Norway, their traditions take it a step further by cultivating a positive perspective on looking at work and social responsibilities.In life, we are all faced with many challenges along the way. Being able to roll with the punches is always a plus … Read more

May Newsletter

business women

Age no barrier – 99 year-old co-founder of Godfreys shows that nothing beats commitment and ambition by offering to buy back the ASX listed chain.”Technology is why businesses fail, not why they succeed” says Doug Davidoff, my favorite sales blogger.The tutoring segment is growing fast, and franchises are in there offering alternatives that can lead … Read more

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