Franchise Snapshot – September 2019 Edition

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Here’s the September 2019 Edition of the Franchise Simply Newsletter

First Things, First

Don't sell me a product, sell me a purpose.

The Megatrend being adopted by leading retailers

Amid an increase in consumer consciousness wise words from sales guru Brian Walker who cites Albert Einstein when he says “Don’t sell me a product, sell me a purpose.” This is now the catch-cry of top sales people worldwide.

Domino's goes cashless

Pizza giant unveils payment revolution.

Domino’s plans to ditch the use of cash in its stores, starting with a trial to use only electronic payment options at a handful of stores across the country.

The “tap and take” system will be available at five stores across News South Wales and Queensland to reduce in-store queues and delivery wait time.

Harnessing multi- site expansion

We all know from a customer acquisition perspective, it is far easier to retain clients than find new ones, but what if we applied that method to franchise recruitment? Multi- site expansion is not only a far simpler recruitment process, but an infinitely more cost-effective strategy.

Red Rooster, Oporto franchisor, Craveable Brands sale revealed

Craveable Brands, the francchisor behind fast-food chains Red, Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat been sold. The Craveable Brands sale sees PAG Asia Capital, the private equity buyout arm of investment firm PAG has acquired 100 per cent of the business from Archer Capital and stakeholders.

Work remotely?

Do you struggle with isolation? Here are some strategies that’ll help…

We face hurdles but out biggest barriers are the ones inside our heads. Struggling with Frustration and feeling overwhelmed while trying to make everything perfect, makes us feel anxious where things don’t go the way we planned.

Coles partners with Microsoft to 'transform' shopping experience

Coles is partnering with global technology leader Microsoft to transform its shopping experience through artificial intelligence (AI).

The strategic partnership will see Coles adopt enterprise data platform Microsoft Azure to deliver a more personalized and data-driven customer experience

Australians could borrow on mortgage under APRA proposal

APRA flags lowering the minimum interest rate serviceability buffer from 7pc to a level determined by banks and other lenders

F&B drives retail sales growth

The food `and beverage sector is behind a resurgence of market growth within the retail industry,according to new research from commercial real estate services company, CBRE.

Rob Deutsch: The Entrepreneur Behind F545

The fitness empire, F45, that turned one studio in 2013 into more than 1300 in 36 countries, launched its newest franchise offering- F45X-which include Prodigy for 11 to 18 -year-olds and Masters for over 60s.

Prodigy has been designed to deliver physical results and improve focus and concentration in young adults.

Their team training approach will get members running,lifting,rowing and jumping in a highly energized,motivating environment under expert supervision.

Smart Tech from Peter Diamandis:

This solar-powered device produces energy and cleans water at the same time

What it is: Scientists have constructed a water purification system that utilizes heat from solar panels to distill clean water. As solar cells generate electricity, solar panels’ otherwise unused heat drives evaporation in the water distiller below. This vapor then travels through several porous polystyrene membranes, resulting in the condensation of drinkable water on the other side. Working in symbiosis, the distillation system thereby solely exploits wasted heat, leaving solar panels’ electrical production capacity untouched.

So You Want to Get Into Franchising?

Advice to help you know what franchising is all about and why it's right for your business

Kickstart Franchise Training Workshop

The Kickstart Franchise Training Workshop is run over the weekend of September 14th & 15th and gives you an amazing overview of franchising. Understanding the big picture makes the whole process much simpler

And it will give you the answers about exactly what is involved with building a franchise. When you are done, you will know what you have to do, the costs involved and whether you want to take this path at all.

Hoping won't make it so- the need to do due diligence when you buy a franchise

When you start looking into buying your own business you will hear the phrase “due diligence”- it sounds important and it is. It just means doing research and investigation about the business you are looking into.

Some Tips and Insights You May Find of Value

"Want to grow your business?"

If you are interested in growing your business or franchising, you probably are interested in reading about these topics.
Here we have books written by Brian, or where he has contributed to sections of books about broader topics. We also show you some we think are the best on franchising a business.

When you buy a book we will provide a one-day business training course for a woman in Zimbabwe

The Five Biggest Branding Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Branding is essential for startups that want to compete and come out on top of their competitors. Yet even if you have the greatest product, a poor brand image could spell disaster for your sales.

The trauma of losing could actually do you more good than harm

Lessons you need to learn…Top athletes- and,it turns out, many others- have a way of turning pain into rocket fuel. The defeat becomes a reason to push themselves even further the next time.

Making time for your business...

If you are in small business, you know the admin work is taking far too long, taking up the time and energy which you really need to put to better use growing your business. But the drama is you do not generate enough admin tasks to put on even one assistant and in the early days cash flow is stretched anyway.

Or maybe you are in a bigger more established business,with a great admin team, but from time to time you need help when things get busy. It’s something we struggled with for years before we cracked it. Now we are sharing our secret with you, and it’s called AdminDone

Five action areas for business success

There are more than 2.3 million businesses currently operating in Australia. Despite a boost of over 15 per cent in new businesses entering the market last year, over 12 per cent exited. Only 62 per cent of Australian businesses will continue to operate beyond four years.

The numbers don’t lie: running a successful business is a struggle. Most won’t survive. Here are five key areas that will make or break any business, regardless of industry,size of scope.

Richard Branson, Shaquille O'Neal, Daymond John And

Hindsight is always 20/20. These moguls and advisors from The Oracles, a mastermind group of high-level entrepreneurs, share what they would tell their 25-year-old selves if they could go back in time.

There are a number of insightful tips, right up to number 12, Don’t be afraid of failure…read on

Other Share Tips for Successful Partnership

Business partnerships are a little bit like marriages. A lot of them don’t work out and some end badly! Give your small business partnership the best chance for success by following these tips.

Business partnerships take on a variety of forms. They may be a long term formal legal commitment or a simple short term venture to test a market concept. The same principles apply in all cases.

A growing number of women are starting their own companies. These business owners share how they got it right.

Four in 10 business in the U.S. are now majority-owned,operated and controlled by women, according to the latest State of Women-owned Businesses report from American Express.

Something You Might Want to Read

Inside Franchise Business Nov/Dec 2018 Issue 31 Vol

Hire a hubby has scored a hat trick at the MYOB FCA 2018 excellence in franchising awards. The handyman franchise was named Australian Established Franchisor of the year and two of the franchisee awards were scooped up by the brand’s franchisees.

Coming soon- an exclusive interview with CEO Brendan Green sharing his hot tips for franchise success.

Business Franchise Vol 13 Issue 06 July/ August 2019

This issue of Business Franchise Magazine follows the successful Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo in Brisbane- a great opportunity for future franchisees to absorb the best that the industry has to offer. The feature for this issue On the ROAD: Mobile Franchises, be sure to check out the FC Business Solutions’ top tips for mobile franchisees and Brian Keen’s expert advice piece on mobile franchise versus bricks and mortar.

For Your Diary

Our Next Kickstart Franchise Weekend Workshop is coming up in September 2019. If you’ve not attended one yet make sure to attend this one. IT’S A MIST!See what members Simon & Sandra Allars of Soothe Mobile Massage, Melbourne had to say. And remember, these workshops are internationally accredited and include points towards

Remember to drop into the Franchise Radio Show area of our website where you can find a great selection of our interviews, with new ones being added regularly. And don’t forget you can speed up the replay with Enounce ‘MySpeed’. Incidentally, our members get exclusive access to 75+ of these and 1:1 mentoring with me and our team of ‘franchise savvy’ experts as well as numerous videos, operations manuals, guides, webinars and lots more…

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