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Hope you’re going well in these unusual times. The suddenness of the changes that have been imposed on us has meant wholesale changes to much of our life… but you know all about that. So, I’ll get straight down to business with our April / May Edition of the Franchise Simply Newsletter.

First Things, First

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Winners Learn from history

Immediately after the dramatic 1991 recession, at The Franchise Alliance the two John’s and I experienced a huge spike in franchisee enquiries Australia-wide. And I expect the same to happen later this year…so gear yourself up to fill the vacuum by offering franchise opportunities in your business.

Watch this space for the announcement of how we can help you with our new online, easy-to-implement, Franchise My Business Simply programs that you can work through with our help while you suffer any downturn…so you’re ahead of the curve!

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Staying Calm Amidst Chaos’

‘How to Build Inner Strength And Cope’ with Paul Blackburn. When we need help we always turn to Paul, our valued mentor.

Here he shares some of his recommendations for how we stay calm amidst the chaos that is prevalent during this COVID-19 crisis and indeed the times of stress we have to handle in our lives from time to time.

His clients have been from all walks of life from the guy next door to executives at Qantas, BHP and Coles to and numerous world champion athletes through his tenure at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Covid-19 business stimulus and grant information

Business Stimulus And Grant Information

Are You Getting Your Fair Share? When I read this I realised there’s literally something for everybody here. Thanks to our gifted friend Dr. David Dugan at Abundance Global for this massive 28 pages of Business Stimulus And Grant Information – support with tax breaks, concessions, payments. I challenge you to find nothing that you are not eligible for!

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‘How To Get Back Momentum & Keep It’

Crises are rarely convenient and they’re never fun. As the world is in the grip of the single biggest business disruption in living memory, the way we and our organisations navigate the coming months will be critical.

The man with the plan is best-selling author Michael McQueen. Having spent 15 years studying the secrets of building momentum, he will show you how to take control and thrive, even in turbulent times.

Thanks to Dale Beaumont for this recording.

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How can we help you right now?

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‘Top 20 Franchise Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020.’

Really proud to announce we’ve been voted as No.3 on the Feedspot ‘Top 20 Franchise Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020.’ Tune in, there’s a wealth of valuable knowledge you can tap into from around the world.

Simo Bowen

Some People Will Win In Sales Right Now

Will You Be One Of Them?

Fascinating and revealing insight from Models Method man Simon Bowen

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Over 100 Billion Emails Are Sent Every Day.

Personally, I receive dozens per day — and frankly, most of them are just bad… and most are too long to read.

This guide is a look at how to send effective emails, get your message across and not waste time.

This simple skill can make or break your ability to raise money, land customers, attract partners and win over advisors.

Tip 1: Keep it under three lines
Tip 2: Make the subject line a) unique, b) meaningful and c) easily searchable
Tip 3: Use EASY-TO-READ formatting!
Tip 4: Put your specific action request in the first line
Tip 5: Make the ask really, really simple – such that it’s hard for your reader to say “No”

Smart Tech

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Live Leap

If you use Facebook Live (if you’re not then checkout what an awesome tool this is) this piece of tech magic is for you. It’s called Live Leap and it alerts all your Facebook Pages and Groups that you’re broadcasting, then will let you go LIVE to all of those places at once!

So You Want to Get Into Franchising?

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Why new franchisors can thrive because of Corona Virus

I’ll let UK franchise veteran Andy Cheetham explain:

If like me you were around in the early 1990’s you might remember that a recession had just happened. Companies reported that their phones literally stopped ringing overnight. The FTSE tanked. Franchisors who had established franchise networks struggled. But, and crucially for new franchisors of today, those brands that had just launched a franchise network timed it to perfection. Often without realising what they’d done because bumper years followed.

Some Tips and Insights You May Find of Value

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Greg’s 2-Minute Tips – a BONUS two tips this edition

Your Time Has Come — A Message to Franchisors

Be in business for yourself but not by yourself. While it’s a nice slogan, franchisors now truly have the opportunity to demonstrate the power of strong, caring leadership to help their franchisees navigate the current economic crisis. Here are seven strategies to help your franchise network come through in as good shape as possible. 7 strategies for franchisors to show the
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How to Stay Focused and Help Others

As events have been unfolding around the world, we have all been going through an emotional roller coaster that feels something like this. It started with shock and confusion about what’s going on. It then moved to feelings of stress and anxiety about the losses associated with dramatic changes to our businesses and lifestyles. Then perhaps to frustration or anger with other

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Time management hacks

Who could deny that time management is a big part of success? Nail it by copying what these very successful people practice daily.

Time Management Hacks

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Simplify the system

In this video you can see it’s amazing how your business grows when it becomes structured and simplified. By deleting some of the things they did and improving the digital side of the business and their website, Sandra & Simon’s business grew up to 250% in a year. Quite remarkable.

Siimon Reynolds

‘Extreme Productivity For Entrepreneurs'

Interview with Simon Reynolds who co-founded Photon Group which in 8 years grew to a staff of 6,000, becoming the 15th largest marketing service company in the world. He has owned and run successful businesses for over 20 years (starting at age 23).

He has also personally raised $19 million for his start-up ventures and has featured on 60 minutes, Today, Bloomberg and many other TV programs as a high achiever. Including being a judge on Australia’s original version of Shark Tank, Channel Seven’s ‘Dragon’s Den’.

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Business Growth

Some of the statistics are quite interesting. Over the three and a half decades I have been watching the growth of Franchising, it has sat at around 8-10% each year, It’s a bit low at the moment because there is bit of squeeze in the economy so it is reflected but the truth is growth in the franchise sector far out accelerates traditional business growth.

In this video learn how, in the late 80s at Harvard, they did a study on business growth and found business goes through 5 stages. It’s really illuminating and still regularly referred to today.

Something You Might Want to Read

magazine for franchisees, business franchise

Business Franchise Vol 14 Issue 04 May/June 2020

Raja Parekh from Muffin Break chatting about his story, the hottest trends in franchising in 2020, news from Mary Aldred, CEO of FCA.

It includes their special feature Trending Franchises and as always, there is plenty of franchising news, expert advice articles from professional contributors, useful information for franchisors and franchisees alike and their A-Z franchise listing directory with all of the latest franchise opportunities.

Franchise buyer expert, technology and services to the sector


The decisions you make to close locations, and the manner in which you do it, will impact you for the next 5 – 10 years.

Rent and rent relief in shopping centres in particular is getting a huge amount of coverage. They covered quite a bit on rent issues in the years prior to the crisis, and the data in the reports done by Peter Buckingham, is a timely reminder on the challenges faced prior. It puts into some context the level of rent relief being pushed for by many retailers in shopping centres.

For Your Diary

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Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo

Dates have been announced for the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo 2020/21

Postponed until 21 and 22 August 2020 at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf

Postponed until 13 and 14 November 2020 at ICC, Darling Harbour

Postponed until 16th May 2021 at Crown Perth, Burswood

Postponed 18 and 19 June 2021 at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank

Franchise Radio show

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