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So much of this applies to business partner as much as life partner

Immediately after the dramatic 1991 recession, at The Franchise Alliance the two John’s and I experienced a huge spike in franchisee enquiries Australian-wide. And I expect the same to happen later this year…so gear yourself up to fill the vacuum by offering franchise opportunities in your business.

Watch this space for the announcement of how we can help you with our new online, easy-to-implement, Franchise My Business Simply programs that you can work through with our help while you suffer any downturn…so you’re ahead of the curve!Franchise system advertising efforts have two objectives. The first is to build a strong brand and the second is to recruit customers.
Maintaining branding consistency when you’re a franchise is one of the most important tools for a successful business.
There’s no denying the bricks and mortar retail are going through hard times, there’s also no denying that in many instances the retailer has been the instrument of their own demise.

Remote to work is up-and-coming as a highly searched term for job hunters, no doubt due to the benefits it offers. It can be super-fun, flexible and exactly what you need, but it can also feel intimidating and lonely times.
A business strategy is a deliberate vision to get toward a desired long-term goal. A business model is a great tool to execute a business strategy.
It’s sometimes said that one of the best investments is to invest in yourself. You can do that by getting additional training and education, developing new career or business skills, or by investing in a business.
Good franchise owners make money. Great franchisees make lots of money. However, genuinely successful franchise owners do a lot than turn a profit. Here are 10 habits often exhibited by successful franchisees.
The world of social media is noisy. It’s growing every day, and everyone is struggling to stand out, be seen and to be heard.

Here are five things to consider before deciding to use swearing in your marketing.When you first consider franchising as a business model, one of the choices that arises is which type of business, in which sector, suits you best. One basic choice is to make is goods or service; another is retail or home-based.
Photo Cube automatically backs up your phone in just minutes when you plug it in to charge. This physical device has a 64GB hard drive that works with both iOS or Android devices.

Amazon is offering its till-less technology to other High Street shops, just over two years after launching it via its own Go Grocery chain.
Most People are familiar with the benefits of franchising for franchisees – “be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!” – but what are they to you as an entrepreneur with an expanding business?
A solid franchise system works to help hardworking people build something for themselves and their families without having to reinvent the wheel.
Franchise Relationships Founder Greg Nathan, shares his insights on franchising and life. Greg is a psychologist, author and an international expert on the franchise relationships. Here’s How to Productively Work From Home!
We all want to offer good customer service. But too often I see business owners go way too far. So many entrepreneurs treat the client (or potential client) as being superior to them. You can’t get better solutions than from marketing legend Siimon Reynolds, so take 2-minutes to read this.
Managing franchise growth can be the biggest challenge you have faced to date. This article describes how good franchisees also recognize that, as they build their multi-unit numbers, they can reap the benefits of scale with marketing covering more than one area, lower purchase prices, the list goes on.
This issue of Business Franchise follows on Snap Print & Design – Pushing Boundaries, Seven Steps To Marketing Yourself Like A Rock-star, Using Consultants To Improve Your Franchise, Special Feature Top Franchises In Your Price Range
This issue of Business Retail Franchising Feature follows on Snap-On Tools 100 Years of Excellence, Know Your Price Range and Why Non- Bank Finance Is Leading The Way In Small Business Funding
Dates have been announced for the Franchising&Business Opportunities Expo 2020

Sydney :20-21 March at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour
Perth: 3 May at Crown Perth, Burswood
Brisbane: 19-20 June at Brisbane Convention & Exhibilition Centre, South Bank
Melbourne: 21-22 August at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf
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