Radio Show 18 with Chris Whitelaw
'How To Avoid Disputes And Keep Focused On Your Business'

Christopher Whitelaw has authored an e-book titled “The 7 Steps Guide for Small Businesses to Avoid Commercial Disputes – Maintaining Business Continuity without Resorting to Legal Proceedings.”

Understanding these 7 steps is advisable for individuals involved in business endeavours, such as purchasing a franchise business.

Litigation possesses the potential to jeopardise your entrepreneurial aspirations. It is crucial to prevent such circumstances from arising.

“The 7 Steps” aims to assist in fortifying your business against the constant risk of unwanted legal disputes, as it is widely acknowledged that prevention is preferable to remedy.

Christopher possesses unique qualifications to address this subject matter, drawing upon more than 30 years of accumulated experience in handling commercial disputes. During the initial two decades, he worked as a commercial lawyer and subsequently as a barrister, preparing and arguing cases in court on behalf of clients. Additionally, he served on various panels as a commercial arbitrator.

In recent years, Christopher has specialised in resolving commercial disputes, including those related to franchises. He has successfully guided numerous business owners in implementing effective risk management strategies to safeguard themselves against litigation threats, as well as providing efficient and cost-effective methods to navigate disputes, should they become entangled in one.

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