Franchisor Responsibilities


Group marketing is a critical area. Critically important.

I think franchisors should either retain people who have marketing expertise or they should learn it or continue it only if they have that ability. Because it’s an important area where I think franchisors should keep the initiative, making sure the brand and its integrity are retained and to making sure there’s that consistency throughout the franchise group.

And you want your franchisee out there earning money, doing the job, not spending his time doing marketing and advertising and knocking on doors and that sort of thing.

But depends on the type of business.

Research and Development

Then research and development. The opportunity you have as franchisor to look at the future because businesses change. Absolutely no question about that, especially with technology coming along and changing whole faces of many things.


Training… It’s important not just to do a quick training program for a couple of days or a week when people start.
Training is an ongoing thing and you need to take the initiative not to leave your franchisees alone until they put their hand up when you can see they’re not getting into strife. It will pay dividends for you if you invest in ongoing training because that saves the issues popping up.


And then we come into support. For franchisors, that’s the ongoing side of it because it’s maintaining contact and communication.

Just talk, get onto people. Just have a coffee occasionally. John O’Brien, as you can see, I really respect John, he shakes the hand of everybody in his organization at least once a year. So he just disappears for a week, ‘I’m off to Perth this week, I’m doing WA, coming over to see everybody’. Down to the store man and so forth. Can you imagine the value of that? It’s enormous, they all know John. That creates a family.

And what I like about John’s model is he changed what he calls his franchisees into franchise partners. Now that tone, that term, says an awful lot, I think. From the point of view of “it’s not us and them, it’s we.” And that’s just so critical, you’ve got a team pulling together

The franchisee well-being

For example, when a gas depot in Melbourne, Victoria blew up about 10 or 12 years ago, there was no gas for quite a time in the City. This was a real problem for restaurants. The Eagle Boys franchise organized trucks gasoline and diesel in NSW and the appropriate adaptors or whatever for the stoves t shipped them into Victoria so their franchisees could carry on cooking their pizzas and stay in business. That is great.

And I know other occasions where somebody becomes ill or maybe just rather just run-down, needing a break, and the franchisor will make sure that somebody that break from their business for a week or a month for whatever it might be.

That approach is just so valuable.

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