Franchise Radio Show 119 “Back Solution Making An International Franchise Group” with Daniel Rodgers & Rick Saunders

Daniel Rodgers and Rick Saunders have been involved in the health industry for many years, specializing in treatment of chronic back pain after they each suffered chronic back pain injuries themselves.

Following their studies in Health Science they’ve worked with a vast range of specialists from all around the world to understand the intricacies of the human body. During this time they’ve refined and developed highly effective and predictable treatment methodologies.

Daniel and Rick have spent the last 10 years mentoring practitioners and growing Back Solution Clinics across Australia and are now franchising into the United States.

They talk with Brian about their business journey and franchising experience in latest Radio Show episode.

To listen to this episode Back Solutions Making An International Franchise Group with Daniel Rodgers and Rick Saunders, click here.

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