Franchise Radio 141 With Scott Freerkson
Waterfront Living - Avoiding The Costly Mistakes

“Working on the business and not in the business.” – Scott Freerkson

“When Franchisee succeed, everyone succeeds.” – Chris Mosier

Brian Keen seats and talks with Scott Freerkson for “Waterfront Living – Avoiding The Costly Mistakes”.

Scott Freerkson is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive, he spent his first 17 years working for a high-tech managing position. In 2009 he started Lakefront Living Realty and created a website which later became a one-stop-shop for people looking to learn details about waterside properties.

Scott caught the eye of Chris Mosier and the two entrepreneurs founded the Lakefront Living International in 2014. It’s an international real estate franchise company dedicated to waterfront living.

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