Why Us

I firmly believe franchising offers one of the most exciting business models around for anyone looking to create real wealth and financial independence for themselves.

And having worked in the franchise sector for over 30 years and seen businesses I’ve worked with grow by over $5bn in that time, I know that the process does not need to be that complex.

Experience has shown me that, although every business is different, the process to franchise is the same. There are four very simple steps you need to follow which will touch on your whole business. And, to be successful, you need to involve a team of franchise savvy specialists to help you along the way.

That is what we offer at Franchise Simply® – our simple step-by-step Franchise Success Path delivered with expert advice from our team of franchise business specialists. And everything is presented in a way that is cost effective, easy to understand and in an environment where you can meet others taking the same journey.

Why Brian Keen

Brian is a philanthropist and business man with decades of business experience.

Brian says…

I first saw the massive potential for franchising to create a successful business – fast – after opening and operating seven stores in just five years as a franchisee for Bedshed.

With the knowledge, I gained there and later as a franchising consultant in Australia, a partner and I went on to set up the Franchise Alliance, an international consultancy which helped household names like Brumbys, Ultra Tune, Jim’s Mowing and Donut King. We used this knowledge to develop successful sales strategies and franchise systems. The Franchise Alliance is still going strong Australia wide.

We then used those same strategies and systems to build up six franchise groups, with over 120 outlets between them.

Based on this depth of experience, we’ve since helped many dozens of businesses to franchise successfully, increasing their profits and allowing their owners to retake control of their lives by working fewer hours.

I’ve now brought all my knowledge together in my latest venture, ‘Franchise Simply®’, with the aim of showing business owners how to transform a family-sized firm into a multi-million dollar asset through a unique four-step system, saving tens of thousands of dollars in consultancy fees in the process.

We remove the mystery about franchising before you begin

When we meet prospective franchisors who say, ‘I have my franchise agreement but it doesn’t seem to help me create a franchise group’ our hearts sink. We know the agreement must be redone with all the associated costs.

To overcome this problem, we recognize you need to understand the big picture before you begin. And before you deal with your agreement, you need to know the details to include. Exactly what your franchise will look like, what your franchisees will do, how it will be branded, how the figures will work, how you will interact with your group, what training will be delivered, how you will manage problems – this list goes on…

So, we start with education – giving you the big picture – the first step we ask of you is to attend one of our Franchise Council of Australia accredited programs. Our Kickstart Franchise Training Workshops or Franchise Status Review Seminars will give you an overview of the whole process. Presented by Brian and our team of specialists, these are a helpful start to learning about the ins and outs of franchising.

Then we give you the process so you can work through it step-by-simple-step.

Franchising is a team effort

Because we also understand you will need advice from other franchise specialists from a myriad disciplines, Franchise Simply® has an experienced team to work with you every step of the way. You will be able to discuss your decisions with brand specialists, franchise accountants and lawyers, territory specialists – the list goes on.

And, of course, Brian will be there to guide you, making sure each decision has a commercial basis and has input from his years of experience in the industry.

We believe in the power of giving back

We are passionate about helping people become financially secure and independently wealthy by setting up their own business, wherever they are, whatever their background.

That’s why Brian Keen also founded and became Chairman of MicroLoan Foundation Australia (MLFA), a charity which, to date, has provided over $1.1m in loans to impoverished women in Malawi to allow them to start their own business and improve life for themselves and those who depend on them.

When you become one of our members, you can be proud that you are also giving to MicroLoan Foundation Australia, helping a woman in Malawi grow a business and put food on the table.

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We believe in doing business… …for good

Our quest is to continue to help business owners who want to grow their business into a more valuable asset.

We do this through a number of our enterprises.

Through Franchise Simply® we help business owners who want to grow their business into a more valuable asset through franchising. The team of expert advisors at Franchise Simply® does this this through our simple three step Franchise Success Path which can be delivered in many different ways to suit you. We work closely with our team of leading franchise experts to provide the full range of services to the franchise industry, from carefully crafted legal agreements and operations and procedure manuals, to expert advice on corporate structures, fee structures, territory planning, franchisee support, recruitment and much more…The result - our members implement fast and get everything they need to succeed all in one place. Click here to join our inspiring community of entrepreneurs and you can be our next success story.

We believe in giving back and so a percentage of every program is given to MicroLoan Foundation Australia to help women in Southern Saharan Africa to build businesses and take their families out of poverty. To date we have helped provide over 60,000 loans impacting on 355,000 impoverished people.