Business owners are wary of ‘systems’, feeling they deprive them of flexibility.

However, a system is no more than a repeatable way of doing things to achieve a particular outcome. Properly implemented, systemisation increases productivity and improves profit in businesses of any size and type. Here are just some of the benefits:

One. Systems ensure consistency of service or product by removing variables that affect quality, performance and delivery.

Two. Systems cut out unnecessary ‘think time’ by ensuring everyone knows what needs to be done.

Three. Systems stop mistakes happening because there’s a set sequence to follow. This also makes it easier to spot when things are going wrong.

Four. Systems create certainty and confidence, as everyone is clear about what is expected of them.

Five. Systems help make the best use of resources, cutting out time-consuming and duplicated tasks.

Six. The very act of setting up a system makes you think afresh about your business.

Seven. Systems create a basis for future improvement and adjustment.

Eight. Systems are teachable, so new staff learn the ropes faster.

Nine. Systems add value to your business by making it easier to sell at a better price.

When applied to disciplines such as sales, marketing, through to customer service, fulfillment and manufacturing, systems allow you to maximise the power of your business, not just improving output, but also the quality of all that you do. So, far from being a dirty word, ‘system’ should be in the vocabulary of every business owner.

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