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Every now and then we see something that we believe complements and supports our commitment to helping you run a great business. We have spent some time with Alec Blacklaw Founder and Creator of The Business Improvement Program and he is putting on a special event in September we think you should take a look at. It highly immersive, practical and proven to help you run a business that is even more profitable, valuable and enjoyable (a much better business that will allow you to live the life your desire). Plus, we have been able to secure a special price for you if you act in the next 5 days, simply go to The Business Improvement Program. And if you attend please do let me know how you found it.Here is the Franchise Council of Australia newsletter for August from CEO Damian Paull. A round-up of news and events from the Franchise Industry in AustraliaThis is held on the Gold Coast on October 8th, 9th & 10th and I hope to see you there. Dave Jenyns and I are hosting Roundtable sessions on Systems featuring FranchiseSimplySYSTEM.

This is the next big move in franchising and if you’re user or want to learn more we’d love to see you there.The biggest single impact for most guests at our workshops is from Simon Sinek and here he is interviewed 2 weeks ago with Tom Bilyeu – and stay watching – wait for the second topic. This video is a must for business owners, teams and every family memberHere is the weekly global news wrap of the most interesting news stories of the week from around the world.Early-stage B2B-focused software startups will now be able to seek investment from Sydney-based venture capital firm Tempus Partners, which is looking to invest in globally scaleable startups with a new $40 million fund.Early-stage B2B-focused software startups will now be able to seek investment from Sydney-based venture capital firm Tempus Partners, which is looking to invest in globally scaleable startups with a new $40 million fund.Startups that are trying to help salespeople to find more sales leads, connect truck drivers with loads of freight, and solve ride-sharing problems are among those raising serious funds around the world this week.Inspired by the chocolaterias of Spain, franchise chain San Churro is serving up delicious desserts and treats to enthusiastic diners across the country. Inside Franchise Business talks with Kim Davies, who heads up recruitment.Owning a successful franchise is a numbers game and it is essential that the key financial figures stack up for a sustainable business future.When building a company from scratch, two questions will pop up pretty soon into the process: how hard you should work on the idea, and when you should do that work.Lorem IpsumThe age old conundrum, who is more important customers or employees? This question which I’m sure has many different answers, is an interesting one. Without customers we don’t have a business, however the same applies that with no employees we also have no business.It’s the same comment from store managers, Regional managers and CEO’s – “we can’t find the right people.” It’s tough but the right people are out there waiting to be found. We have to be open to changing the way we look for these people if what we are getting is not right.‘Jump Shift’ is a no holds barred biography story of Brumby’s by ex- turn-around CEO Michael Sherlock with heaps of golden tips he generously shares. Highly recommended.

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