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The foundation of a great franchise

Having been involved with franchises for well over 30 years now, including big groups with capital behind them and little groups servicing a region, I know, whatever the size and complexity of the franchise, to delegate well, you need a good franchise system.

A franchise just doesn’t work unless the system works.

The thing is, I know most systems are:

  • Difficult to put together

  • Difficult for staff and franchisees to use

  • Difficult to update

And without a great system, creating franchises, each looking, feeling and operating alike is not that easy.

So, we have created FranchiseSimplySYSTEM

A software system specially designed to cater for franchise groups.

These systems are…

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Simple to put together

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Simple for staff and franchisees to use

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Simple to update

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And we can work with you to make the task even easier

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For you and your team to embrace the use of systems we know the software you use to capture them must be quick, fun and intuitive. FranchiseSimplySYSTEM is the elegant solution to create, share and optimise your business’ core functions – its standard operating procedure software made easy.

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For systems to really work within your business, you and your team need to be able to find the right ones, at the right time – with powerful tagging and advanced search features, it’s never been quicker or easier. The systems you need are only one click away inside Franchise Simply SYSTEM.

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It’s easy to add anything you need. Just type directly to the pages or quickly upload – whether it’s Word, PDF, or Video. Or add hyperlinks to outside software carrying other instructions.

And you can update a document just once, knowing every copy in the SYSTEM will be done. No searching for never ending copies.

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Whether it’s your personal assistant, a franchisee or a contractor – everyone is different. Custom permissions give you full control over who can see, edit and delete systems. Avoid team member “accidents” before they ever happen.

Am I in the right place?

The first step in any of our programs is to suggest you learn as much as you can about franchising. The positives, the pitfalls, whether your business will fit this model and above all to find out if you really want to grow your business through this exciting growth model.

We suggest you start by having a chat with Brian or one of his experts. We will listen to your questions and ask a few of our own and the knowledge we gain about you and your business will give our team a good idea of where you sit. We can then advise you on your next step and offer you options for action.

So, if you would like that chat…

And start the process by organizing the first free consultation with Brian or one of his experts.

Franchise Simply SYSTEM June 23, 2016