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Brian Keen

Brian Keen – Australia’s most sought after advisor for business owners considering franchising

What's inside?

Here are just some of the really practical insights available only from this unique franchise book:

  • What the costs associated with franchising really are
  • How to determine the best franchise method for your business
  • The right way to find the best franchisees
  • Using franchising as an exit strategy
  • How to set up your franchise to really maximise your profits

A personal note from Brian…

As a business owner I know how hard you have worked to get you where you are today – in a position to consider franchising. As franchisee and a franchisor I truly know the industry from both sides. As a consultant in the industry I’ve helped people like you, right across Australia, to achieve their dreams. I’m sure you’d love to greatly increase your profitability while reducing the number of hours you have to dedicate to your business – wouldn’t you?

I truly believe that franchising offers one of the most exciting business models around for anyone looking to create real wealth and financial independence for themselves and my book gives you all you need to know – it was written just for you, the successful Australian business owner.

My experience from looking at franchising from all aspects means that I know it inside out, but my continuing passion comes from the fact that, without any doubt, it is such a hugely successful vehicle.

About Brian Keen

brian keen presenting book

Brian Keen, Australia’s most sought after advisor for business owners considering franchising, has worked in the franchise sector for over 30 years and truly understands the leverage franchising could provide for the right business.

As a franchisee once himself, opening and operating seven stores in just five years, Brian has first-hand knowledge and experience as to whether a business owner should consider franchising as their core business model for growth and ultimately freedom.

Even though Brian has personally consulted with the biggest names in the franchise industry, his true passion is working with business owners who have reached the critical moment in their business by answering the question, “How do I franchise my business simply?”

In Brian’s new book “How do I franchise my business simply?” he outlines the simple four step process he believes is essential if you are to franchise successfully. So allowing you to learn how to increase your profits while letting you to retake control of your life by working fewer hours through a no-hype franchising process.

Brian has shown countless business owners how to transform a family-sized firm into a multi-million dollar asset, while saving them tens of thousands of dollars in consultancy fees in the process.

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What our clients say about the book

It’s rare to find a business book that exists not to stroke the author’s ego but to inform and educate the reader. I consider Brian Keen’s “How to Franchise My Business Simply?” as essential reading for any savvy busi¬ness owner looking to grow their business through the franchise model. There’s no beating around the bush, each chapter includes action items you can apply directly to your business, and having completed the book you’ll know not only whether you should franchise but how you can do it step-by-step.

Lachlan McKnight
Lachlan McKnight

I have worked with Brian and his clientele for many years now, and find his realistic approach to move you from thinking franchising is just an idea and a concept, to the stage where it is real and working for you is great. He does not overcommit, and tells it how it really is – none of this empty promises that will make you an overnight millionaire stuff. The processes he employs are real and realistic. I strongly recommend his books and courses as a great way for a dedicated entrepreneur to move from a small business to a Franchisor, if that is their desire.

Peter Buckingham CFE is the Managing Director of Spectrum Analysis Australia Pty Ltd, the leading Geodemographic, Territory Planning and Retail Sales Modelling Company in Australia. Peter can be contacted on (03) 9830 0077 or email or via the web at

Peter Buckingham
Peter Buckingham

We'd been operating our business for 15 months and were exploring ideas to expand our business. We felt franchising could be the answer and when we spoke to Brian he was genuinely excited about helping us to bring our business to a franchise ready stage. We wanted to develop a franchised business model that was simple and that we could get to market in three months. I researched many firms who do similar things to Franchise Simply and found the prices offered very competitively priced and with pretty much constant access to Brian thrown in, we felt that Franchise SImply was great value. Brian is pragmatic, does not tell you things you want to hear necesarily, but speaks with authority and experience and if your franchising idea is indeed a goer he will give you the confidence to commit, similarly he will tell you if you are not going down a sustainable path - he has great integrity in that way. In short, if I had to start over, I would go with Franchise Simply again. I have always felt that I could contact Brian and ask his opinion or advice, if he says that he will do something he will, and the consultant contact he uses as part of the Franchise Simply System are of the highest quality and provide great value if you chose to use them. Whilst our franchise is now up and operational and expanding, we still utilise Franchise Simply and Brian Keen regularly as a mentor and friend. 5 stars from us.

Scott Marston with a woman
Scott Marston

This book truly takes you through all of the questions that you ask yourself before commencing the Franchising process.

Demystifying the entire Franchise world. Many books and franchise professionals, seem to make the franchise process bigger than it is. This books is open, frank and clearly answers each and every questions that I had before commencing the franchising process.

I thoroughly recommend this and every single book that Brian has authored. His real world experience and his transparency and authenticity make him, in my opinion, the absolute leader in the franchising sector.

This is a must read for anyone considering Franchising their business.

Todd and Jen Kuhn
Todd and Jen Kuhn

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(This is a Real Book, that we will post to you and not an ebook)

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