Franchise Snapshot – January 2018 Edition

Hope you and your business are doing well. Here’s the January 2018 Edition of the Franchise Simply Newsletter

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Urgent message from Bruce Billson, FCA Executive Chairman:

RFG franchise system allegations

If you are interested in franchising then with all the flack surrounding a few big players in the franchise sector, it’s critical we all maintain a balanced view and spread the word about the amazing success of franchising wherever we can. I implore you to read Bruce’s article.

Bruce’s joining the board has been a godsend with the skills and the influence he’s able to use.

If you’re planning to franchise you will benefit hugely by joining the FCA NOW – contact me and I’ll introduce you to the right person.

First Things, First

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How the busiest people plan their days.

For people who manage hundreds of employees and dozens of projects, having a foolproof way to plan the day is crucial to performance.

Bill Gates

Why you shouldn't imitate Bill Gates if you want to be rich.

According to Drake Baer, “The better you can recognise emotions, the more you’ll get paid.That insight comes care of Gerhard Blickle, a psychologist at the University of Bonn in Germany.”

Recent News You Might Enjoy


What is going rotten in the franchise businesses plagued by scandals

Judging by the scandals that have engulfed franchises in Australia, it seems like the very business model of franchising is flawed. But there are franchises that thrive without problems like wage theft and fraught business relationships.

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Crust Pizza franchisees adds alcohol delivery

Gold Coast franchisees are giving their customers an extra treat in time for Christmas. Pizza lovers over the age of 18 can now order red or white wine, pale ale or cider delivered to their home thanks to Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar Broadbeach and Southport.

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Burger Project to open two-storey store in Bourke Street

The new-format Burger Project, and the fourth in Melbourne, will open on the 10th of January. The 170-seat store can accommodate 100 customers downstairs, 30 outside and 40 upstairs.

Jun Lee

How Jun Lee built a $16 million chicken and beer business

Forget Kentucky Fried Chicken, the hottest chook in town is Korean fried chicken. One of the first places dedicated solely to serving up the spicy, crunchy chicken was Gami Chicken & Beer, a business started by four university friends.

So You Want to Get Into Franchising?

Advice to help you know what franchising is all about and why it's right for your business

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Why a franchise is perfect if you've got no experience

Want to get into business but you don’t have the experience? No worries. Buying a franchise could be the best step you take. For many Australians the dream of business ownership becomes a reality through the structure of a franchise.

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7 traits of a great franchisee

Thinking about investing all your hard-earned money on a franchise? Before rushing into buying your own business, these seven traits will help you have an idea of what it takes to be a great franchisee.

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5 things you shouldn't do when buying a franchise

Starting out on your own business is always an exciting experience. But before you start your journey of working for yourself, here are 5 things that you should avoid doing when you are planning to buy your own franchise.

Some Tips and Insights You May Find of Value

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Does your accountant understand the franchise numbers?

If you’re thinking of franchising your business then this advice applies to you in relation to anyone you get advice from right down to business associates, friends and family.

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Five things to look for in a franchise

Not all franchises are created equal. Based on information supplied by the Franchise Council of Australia and a straw poll of franchisees in the trenches, here are the five things you should look for before investing in a franchise business.

Something You Might Want to Read

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Justifying Shopping Centre Rent Increases – An Inconvenient Truth

If you’re a retailer then this is a must-read. “How do shopping centre owners press for increases in rents of 4% or 5% pa. when the increase in the $ / sq m. sold through the Centres has been increasing in the range of 0.5% – 1.65% pa. over the last few years?”

Franchise New Zealand

Here's the latest copy of Franchise New Zealand

Get the latest tips and tricks on how to start or run your own franchise from this great magazine. It’s worth a browse through!

For Your Diary

Our next Kickstart Franchise Weekend Workshop is on February 17th & 18th and the next is on the 16th and 17th of June. If you’ve not attended one yet make sure you attend this one. IT’S A MUST! See what members Kevin Scrimshaw, National Drones, Melbourne and Simon & Sandra Allars, Soothe Mobile Massage, Melbourne had to say. And remember, these workshops are internationally accredited and include points towards the FCA’s CFE program.

The Franchise Simply team are taking a well-earned break from 21st December until 8th January and we wish you all a wonderful Christmas break and a hugely successful year ahead.

I hope you enjoyed this.

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