Franchise Radio Show 145 “Ultimate Franchising Success Formula” with Jan Timms

Jan Timms works with franchisors to help identify the silent killer traps that lurk around in every franchise system, hold back success and cause common issues. Author of the Ultimate Franchising Success Formula and CEO and Founder of Get Smart Services and the Get Smart Learning Academy, Jan brings 25 years of practical franchising experience to the table, coupled with 7 years of exhaustive research into franchising success factors.

She has worked with many iconic franchise brands such as Snap Franchising, Worldwide… more than just print, Timezone, MBE Global, Pack & Send, Kwik Kopy, King of Cakes, Country Fried Chicken, Mail Boxes ETC to name just a few.

Jan is passionate about sharing the powerful, evidence based model for success in franchising that emerged from her PhD research study with others in the franchise sector.

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