Five things you need to know about Australia’s newest fast food chain

Carl’s Jr. was founded in Los Angeles in 1941, but has since expanded beyond the United States to countries such as Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia and Denmark.

American burger franchise Carl’s Jr. has launched in Australia almost three years after announcing its intention to tackle the local market. Carl’s Jr. lands Down Under: Five things you need to know about Australia’s newest fast-food chain

How to handle renewal issues under the new Code

For a franchisee, renewal or extension of their existing agreement will enable the franchisee to continue operating the business, maintain their goodwill and provide them an opportunity to sell their business and/or assign their rights, hopefully for a reasonable return.

How to handle renewal issues under the new Code

The most popular talks of all time

The non-profit organisation, TED, is dedicated to spreading ideas through the medium of powerful talks and you’ll have heard my frequent reference to them.

Watching one a week over lunch is an item I’ve belatedly added to my New Year’s Resolution list (is that cheating?). It joins my renewed habits of daily meditation (wow the impact!) , .gym and yoga classes to make this year’s list my most successful ever – thanks to my mentor Paul Blackburn, founder of Beyond Success.

So here’s the Top 20 TEDs of all time – enjoy as they say! The most popular talks of all time

This Month’s Hot Tip Video

The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU

An eye-opener for me – the MUST HAVE skill every team member and franchisee needs to succeed – a very valuable 13 minute TEDx video. Put it by for the weekend.


I watch all my videos at 1.5 times on Enounce Video Speed de Luxe

Worth every cent of the $50 special price. Works on audio too! 🙂 PS I’m not on a commission!

Franz’s Selection of Tips and Insights

As a business owner or manager, should you focus on clients or customers?

The answer, according to marketing guru Seth Godin, is of course you can focus on either group. Click on the link below to find out more:

Seth Godin on the crucial difference between clients and customers

What separates the good companies from the great?

A personal favourite, we refer to Jim Collins in our workshops – here’s some more from the great man.

What separates good companies from the great?

This was the topic of a three-hour session with business guru Jim Collins in Melbourne on Tuesday. It has been 19 years since Collins last visited Australia and it was just the third occasion that he has presented his work outside of the US in the past 12 years.

Jim Collins: 12 steps to taking your business from good to great

And here are a few more:

Secrets from Richard Branson

1. Lighten up you guys. 2. It’s all down to your Team. 3. And always THINK BIG:

The three things these Aussie entrepreneurs learnt from Richard Branson after visiting his private island twice

The psychology of color in your marketing

Everyone raves about our new Lauren Clemett segment on Brandworking at our workshops and there’s more of the topic here: The psychology of colour in your marketing.

Note: Like to learn more about Lauren then go to and if you’d like an introduction contact me. And oh yes, she’s written a great book by the way.

How a $14 million “overnight success” took 15 years to build, starting from a garage and being rejected by all

Patience ain’t easy, but sometimes it pays

How a $14 million “overnight success” took 15 years to build, starting from a garage and being rejected by all

Another great start up story with lessons for all – Little Flowers, Sydney with Chris Berents

Diary of an entrepreneur: From Little Flowers big things grow

Seven signs of an effective franchise support team

Points worth reminding yourself.

Seven signs of an effective franchise support team

Content from our valued colleagues:

And here’s the Jan/Feb 2016 Edition of the Franchise Buyer Magazine

And this is Peter Buckingham’s latest newsletter here

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Solution To Your Systems and Documentation Nightmare

I’m delighted to be welcoming Dave Jenyns, founder and CEO MelbourneSEO Services to our team of franchise savvy experts. Dave’s just been invited to the Netherlands to present a TED talk and will be available for you, our members, to conduct coaching sessions with you on online marketing and highlighting what can be done to improve the impact of your content and website visibility.

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who sent me their choices for my new book title. “How Do I Franchise My Business?” won the day and will be published next month. The initial response has been terrific and we’re all excited about it I can tell you.

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