Franchise Snapshot – December 2017 Edition

Hope you and your business are doing well. Here’s the December 2017 Edition of the Franchise Simply Newsletter

First Things, First

Middle-aged woman engaged in a conversation with a younger woman

Why you sometimes have to quit to win.

Trying a new product or a service that’s just not happening? You’ll gain invaluable insight from this article – it also pays to read up on Seth Godin’s ‘The Dip’. For most of us it’s a challenging read – as the truth can be…

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Is this a franchise or a licence?

This is a complex area and anyone considering franchising is advised to familiarise themselves with the difference. Contact us with your questions about your business.

Recent News You Might Enjoy

Taco Bell

Taco Bell to open second store

Taco Bell will get its second Australian restaurant early next year. Collins Foods holds the licence for the brand in Australia and will review a further roll-out after being encouraged by initial trading from its Queensland test store.

a group of people interviewing Barack Obama

Why Thankyou Group's Daniel Flynn was talking about isolation with Barack Obama

Emma Koehn shares, “Former US President Barack Obama is using life after the White House to empower young people to engage in social entrepreneurship — and he recently asked one Aussie founder to weigh in on how to achieve this.”

man in an interview

The Unusual Way Pinterest President Tim Kendall starts his days

A warm cup of coffee might be the preference for many when it comes to kick-starting the day, but outgoing Pinterest president Tim Kendall’s morning routine involves a more chilly approach. And more about those intruding smartphones and tablets…


US fast food chain spots potential in Australia

The Yanks are coming to grab a bite of your lunchtime trade! Is Australia ready for the melted sandwich? The directors of US franchise chain Melt Shop certainly believe so.

Some Tips and Insights You May Find of Value

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4 lessons from Winston Churchill that will help franchisors Today

History even has it’s lessons for Franchisors. Peter Buckingham shares what Churchill did that is still relevant in the franchise world today.

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5 vital questions to ask when you buy a budget franchise.

Whatever the cost, every investment in a franchise requires careful consideration.Here are five important questions to ask.

man riding a horse

While Australia shuts down for a flutter on the horses, but there may be a better bet...

Here are 10 quick-snap reasons to remind you prospective franchisees why franchising might be their best bet yet…

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How to overcome barriers to entry and growth for emerging franchisors?

Franchising has long been one of the best ways for businesses to quickly yet sustainably scale. It is one of the lowest cost and lowest risk channels for expansion. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t barriers to entry and continued growth. In many cases these barriers are seriously underestimated – tripping up would-be franchisors.

Something You Might Want to Read

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Justifying Shopping Centre Rent Increases – An Inconvenient Truth

If you’re a retailer then this is a must-read. “How do shopping centre owners press for increases in rents of 4% or 5% pa. when the increase in the $ / sq m. sold through the Centres has been increasing in the range of 0.5% – 1.65% pa. over the last few years?”

Franchise New Zealand

Here's the latest copy of Franchise New Zealand

Get the latest tips and tricks on how to start or run your own franchise from this great magazine. It’s worth a browse through!

For Your Diary

Our next Kickstart Franchise Weekend Workshop is on February 17th & 18th and the next is on the 16th and 17th of June. If you’ve not attended one yet make sure you attend this one. IT’S A MUST! See what members Kevin Scrimshaw, National Drones, Melbourne and Simon & Sandra Allars, Soothe Mobile Massage, Melbourne had to say. And remember, these workshops are internationally accredited and include points towards the FCA’s CFE program.

The Franchise Simply team are taking a well-earned break from 21st December until 8th January and we wish you all a wonderful Christmas break and a hugely successful year ahead.

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