A good example of using the franchising process of systemization and putting these principles into practice is Jack Cowin.

Jack Cowin came to Australia when he was 26 years old with the franchise rights to Kentucky Fried Chicken in WA. Today he owns the Hungry Jacks chain with 350 stores – and only around 100 are franchised, so he owns the rest! He also owns Competitive Foods supplying foodstuffs to his and other businesses. And has been one of the largest private beef farmers in Australia! All because he knew his stuff. By applying the same principles that led him to success in the beginning, he was able to expand into other businesses. He is a 40% owner of the Sydney Bridge Climb, a significant investor in Ross Consulting and a director of Channel 10 and Fairfax Newspapers. According to BRW rich list he as worth over half a billion dollars with significant growth is the last 12 months!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

But starting a franchise is not all a piece of cake. As with any business venture, there is always risk of losing whatever capital due to the changing tastes of customers, etc. Then there is your competition always threatening to take your patrons away. Put simply, a franchise is a business, whether it’s one person with a mop, a 30-employee restaurant, and it all starts with developing a business plan, creating a marketing strategy and setting up an organization.

Efficient systems are what allow franchises to grow.

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