Coaches, Mentors, Specialist Advisors – Building Your Team

We have come to the last post in our series and what better way to bring it all together than to talk about teams!  After all, choosing your team will help link those ever important pieces together for you!

In the previous few posts we talked about money and the fine print.  We also looked at structures and operations manuals, recruiting the right people and building your empire.  With so much to do, the question remains: why would you ever consider attempting this journey on your own?

Choose Wisely

The main reason we need to talk ‘team’ is because it is unlikely that one person will have the expertise to cover all aspects at the detailed level required.

When choosing any consultant (or tradesperson for that matter) research is key.  This person is about to become a partner in your journey.  You’ll want to feel comfortable and safe in the people you choose to walk beside you.

Meet with them, ask questions.  Ask to see proof of their previous success or work, seek testimonials from their clients and make google your friend.

The Legal Eagles

The legalities can be a very expensive and complicated process.  So, imagine the impact of having to do it twice!  Just as there are many types of doctors (GP’s to brain surgeons) there are different types of lawyers.  When it comes to the legal aspects and documents for franchising you need a speciality lawyer.

A franchise lawyer understands the intricacies and protocols established in the franchising world.  They have the benefit of experiencing and witnessing, on a regular basis, the traps and pitfalls that franchisors and franchisees have encountered.  You will need a specific franchise agreement (not just a template) and what’s included in that agreement must be deeply specific to your situation and needs.

Only the specialist knowledge of an experienced franchise lawyer can provide this proactive path forward, saving you considerable time, money and stress in the long term.

Coaches and Mentors

coach teaching in front of the teamThe word “coach” is derived from the Hungarian word “kosci” that’s connected to a village famous for inventing the carriage, a method of transportation. The term coach developed over time as a metaphor for the vessel that ‘enabled transportation’.  But why do we tell you this?

Because the role of your coach is to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be!  Sure, you could ‘walk’ the path on your own, but it’s going to be a lot faster if you use a method of transportation.  See the link?

The best of the best – whether it be athletes or entrepreneurs – have a coach. A coach who acts like an outside perspective to keep you on your path, makes you accountable, and even picks you up when you fall.

At Franchise Simply, we understand this a big journey, we understand that it can be complex and overwhelming.  But just as our name suggests, our philosophy, our job, is to simplify this for you.  Our function is to get you from where you are to where you want to be!  We are your specialist coach!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our series.  Look around at some of our other articles and books and if you want to quicken the pace to get where you want to go, contact one of our consultants today!

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