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Last week we went over the basics of Learning about Franchising.  If you haven’t read Week 1 of our 7 part series you will find it here.

But this week, it’s all about the people.

We recognise that when business owners were working out why they wanted to franchise, one of the main reasons was how to improve dealing with staff. Many saw franchising as a way to eliminate the challenges around staffing, especially over multiple outlets.

Whilst there is truth in that, it is important to remember that one of the pillars to your franchise success will be in the people you choose to represent your brand – not just staff. Let’s examine some of the things you need to consider.

Are people your passion too?

The mere fact that franchisees make a considerable investment and take a risk to be your business partner creates a unique relationship that is very different to the one with an employee.  But just as an employer leads and sets direction for their staff, a franchisor must also display leadership and invest in its people if success is to be achieved for both parties.

If leadership, communication and support aren’t in your skill set, then you need to either set about acquiring those skills or determining of there is someone that you can partner with who will bring that element to the franchisor side of the relationship.

business planA few key steps to get you in the right direction

It is important that you are open and clear from the outset so that everyone knows exactly where they stand and what they can expect.  But you also need to put some processes in place for yourself to follow to make sure you connect with the right people.

  • Recruitment processes are first and foremost. They must be consistent and identify the skills and characteristics that you need in a franchisee
  • Systems need to be in place so that your franchisees can follow the rules and understand their obligations in making the relationship successful
  • Training systems that include everything from written training programs and inductions through to physical training plans that cover a hands on approach

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Create the details for the big picture

There’s an old saying that goes “you can train skill but not attitude”.  And certainly, Janine Allis from Boost Juice agrees. Janine has famously said, “There is a lot you can teach, but attitude you can’t. What comes first is attitude.”

Before you can choose the right people you need to understand what sort of personalities are important for your brand.

Of course, if you are running a bakery you will need qualified bakers – but they need to be more than just good at bread.

Thinking about your customer base and whether the people you select will interact well with them is another important factor, as is their leadership qualities; after all they too will be leading a team.  Do they have the personality and aptitude to run a business?  It’s easy to engage support staff to help with administration, bookkeeping and the like, but there are certain traits that are quintessential to being able to run a business.  This is where the attitude comes is and this is where you need to place significant focus.

Next week it’s big picture time as we become visionary for the overall growth of the franchise; but if you can’t wait until then, download our e-books, read some of our other blog posts or contact us here at Franchise Simply.

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