Looking for a Consultation with Brian Keen

Are you just looking for some expert advice?

As you may know, from time to time we provide initial 20 minute complementary consultations with no charge.

But I realise sometimes this is just not enough and you want to spend longer with me to discuss your franchise issues.

Perhaps you are just looking for some expert advice on a specific issue?

  • Perhaps you want to organize a legal agreement and don’t know how to go about it? (few legal agreements reflect the best possible content for all the parties)
  • Or you are not sure how to go about planning your territories? (huge amounts money frequently left on the table because of poor territory planning)
  • Maybe it is the way you should structure those various fees? (most people undercharge by the way)
  • Or you want to understand how franchisee recruitment should flow so you recruit only the best possible people into your group (most don’t and yet with little effort could do so)
  • Or maybe you just want a chat about your business and how it could become a franchise? (there are a multitude of franchise business models and investment options to choose from – most pay far too much)

Either way, you need to spend more time with me than is available through our preliminary free consultation.

So, although I do not normally provide franchise consultations by the hour because most of our clients (we call them ‘members’ as they’re with us for a long time) purchase one of our well-priced programs, in appropriate cases and time permitting I do make exceptions for a one-hour only session for $795

If this is you, then please feel free to contact me either through our Contact Us email, call us on 1300 960 136 or text me on my personal phone 0417 211 366 to organize some time to chat.

Looking for a Consultation with Brian Keen May 3, 2016

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