Simon We met Brian about a year ago at the Franchise Expo and it was a real turning point for us. We had been in business for about 12 years and Sandra had always had the desire to franchise the business. Since then, we signed on our second franchisee this month and we have the third one in the pipeline. And so, we just want to say if you are thinking of franchising your business or moving in that direction, Brian is the man to see, he is the guru, the one with all the answers, he has the systems and it is well worth the time worth and effort to attend done of his workshops and just look at the opportunity and see how he can help you because he certainly helped us enormously to take the business to the next level. Sandra His team of specialists – banding, accounting, digital systems, territories and so on – have all been excellent, all have been helpful, no question too simple or too hard. You don’t feel like you don’t know what you are doing. Business is a journey and everyone is on that journey to success. You just need to learn from other people who are experts in their field, take on their advice and actually do what they say. Each part of that jigsaw puzzle has been worth investigating. We have grown 100% this year. So from 12 months last August when we to the Melbourne Franchise Expo it was just a dream, it didn’t have any legs and then we went to the two day Workshop where we decided to sign up to one of the programs. We were 80% there but we realised how much we hadn’t done and so we started the process. It’s very exciting. If we can do it anyone can And just like Bill Gates we started in our garage So, it is a lot of hard work. We are not saying it is going to be an easy road. It will certainly cost you in resources, time and effort but in the end it is well worth it.