Needing a practical and step by step ‘how to’ book about franchising? I can’t think of another book I would recommend over Brain Keen’s ‘How to franchise my business, Simply’. I love Brian’s writing style. It is down to earth, easy to read and full of practical tips and relevant case studies to inspire you to franchise your business, simply! Like Brian and his team’s approach to franchising, this book cuts through the traditional franchising maze and offers a simple step-by-step approach suited to a potential franchisor’s budget and needs. Brian brings accumulated experiences to offer wise choices on how to avoid the pitfalls and successfully franchise your business. We have had the privilege of working alongside Brain and Prue as part of their team of experts. We have seen his astute expertise and sometimes uncanny alertness guide and save many business owners from wasting unnecessary time and money to achieve their dreams to a successful franchise. If you really want to understand what franchising is about, and how to approach franchising your business, this book is a must read. Start here and start to take advantage of the generous opportunities Brian Keen and Franchise Simply offer to systematically franchise your business to success.