Brian Keen has been a tremendous find for me in the expansion of my espresso bar business. In 18 months I have gone from running two espresso bars and not knowing much about franchising to now having two franchised stores (with happy franchisees) plus two new stores set to open over the next 2 months. My expansion plans are very solid, built on the discussions, consulting and templates provided by Brian. With ‘Exposing 10 myths of franchising’ Brian has put into writing the lessons he taught me – a safe and profitable way to help others build a profitable business. For me starting a franchise was a massive task and somewhat daunting. Brain’s contacts have been invaluable. As my franchise grows different challenges will inevitably arise and it is a great comfort to me that I can contact Brian to ask for his opinions and recommendations as well as ask for contacts who can add to my businesses success. I look forward to forward to a long business relationship with Brian and can highly recommend ‘Exposing 10 myths of franchising’ to all business owners who wish to expand using the franchise model.