I was lucky to come across Brian K from Franchise Simply at a Franchise Expo here in Sydney about three years ago now. I was looking at a new way to interact with our customers. I wanted a more intensive customer service experience for our customers so we tried to find something new and we thought franchising would be the answer to that. Previously we employed and we were finding it difficult to get our employees to engage with our customers the same way we would as business owners. So, we decided to divide our business into two sectors, which was large commercial and domestic work. We weren’t really sure where to start and so, when we saw Brian at the Expo we went to him and asked some questions and that peaked our curiosity. We went to a Workshop on the Gold Coast which was a nice get away for us. At the Workshop we spent some time looking at our business, looking at whether it was suitable and going from there. Where are we now? We are 3 years down the track. We are on a slow burn and are not in a hurry. We have three franchisees and just heading to put on our fourth franchise. We are here at the Expo looking to find another two, maybe three, spending a lot of time focusing on the right franchisee and being careful investing in our brand and looking for our recruits as also investing in our brand. So, if you are looking for a place to start your business or place to take your franchise concept from a kernel to something that is a bit more developed, I’d like to recommend that you look at Franchise Simply. Go to speak with Brian and take it from there.