Alex Ryan

My name is Dr. Alex Ryan, a consulting psychologist in Adelaide. I first met Brian Keen when I saw him on stage at a business conference and I was immediately impressed with the knowledge that he had about franchising. What I've found is he was able to provide some unique knowledge about franchising that we didn't know about such as where to position franchises and also the checkpoints you need to go through in order to correctly and legally do a franchise or franchise out your business. Basically what I've found is that his knowledge of franchising is exceptional, it's (0:39 unclear) shown through the presentation and his study and experience differently show. I took it to the next level and took some basic consulting advice from him with his business Health Check which is a very cheap and inexpensive way of him evaluating comprehensively whether our business is franchisable. What he has able to provide was an excellent service as a guide through it provides a detailed report on whether our business was franchisable, how that franchise would look and further consulting services if we chose to go forward. All in all, I found Brian Keen very approachable, he's a very friendly (1:17 unclear) his service is excellent, his knowledge is exceptional and he is the go to person definitely when it comes to franchising. If I chose to go through franchising, which will be in the near future in the next 12 months, Brian Keen will be the first person I turn to.

I found Brian Keen very approachable, he’s very friendly, his service is excellent, his knowledge is exceptional and he is the go to person definitely when it comes to franchising.

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