Franchise Status Review

At the Franchise Seminar

You’ll learn the business elements the best franchised businesses focus on and then

Through the one-on-one Franchise Status Review of your business

You’ll find the franchise gaps in your business and what it will take to close those gaps

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You may have heard that franchising can end up costing hundreds of thousands, and after paying all that money… all the time and effort, will the results be worth it? Or you’re worried about the uncertainty of trying to put a growth model like this in place.

Our Franchise Status Review is a great way to help you decide.

You need to be certain that franchising is right for you and your business. Getting it to work can be a huge step. And if you do decide to franchise, you may have no idea how to make it happen, or the steps involved to save you time and money, or which sort of program suits you or your business and how to avoid the many mistakes new franchisors often make.

Designed by Brian Keen, our Franchise Status Review is based on Brian’s proven four step Franchise Success Path.

  • Understanding Franchising
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Budgets & Fee Structure
  • Franchise Territories
  • Franchise Corporate Structure
  • Franchisee Support

  • Operation Manuals
  • Franchise Legals
  • Launch Franchisor Business
  • Launch Franchisee Pilot Business

  • Leverage Your Success
  • Develop Team
  • Franchisee Induction
  • Recruit Franchisees

The Franchise Success Path is a simple step-by-step system which Brian developed after years of working on his own franchise businesses as a franchisee and franchisor and with his international consultancy helping dozens of other franchisors grow their businesses. This experience taught him that while all businesses are different, if they want to franchise, the business elements they need to change will be very similar. And the shortest way to dealing with these business elements is in a specific sequence with the help of a large circle of experienced advisors.

Knowing the Franchise Success Path before you begin takes the uncertainty out of the decision for you.

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Which means you can ask Brian questions, find out what works and what doesn’t and get his expert insight into your business
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And you’ll find out if you and your business are suited to this exciting business growth model
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You’ll find out what you need to do to convert your business to this growth model, how much work is involved and what it will cost you

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If you have a business partner or personal partner (who is part of your success and whose support and endorsement is critical), then it makes sense to benefit from this seminar together, so as a special gift we’ll provide your second ticket for free – just call 1300 960 136 to register your second guest.

IMPORTANT! These seminars are for those wishing to franchise their business and because we wish to ensure every ‘Franchise Simply’ seminar delivers real value to all attendees, numbers are always heavily restricted – small group, small room – so tickets are extremely limited and at these prices they are sure to go quickly, so make sure you do book early to secure your seat.

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Through Franchise Simply® we help business owners who want to grow their business into a more valuable asset through franchising. The team of expert advisors at Franchise Simply® does this this through our simple three step Franchise Success Path which can be delivered in many different ways to suit you. We work closely with our team of leading franchise experts to provide the full range of services to the franchise industry, from carefully crafted legal agreements and operations and procedure manuals, to expert advice on corporate structures, fee structures, territory planning, franchisee support, recruitment and much more…The result - our members implement fast and get everything they need to succeed all in one place. Click here to join our inspiring community of entrepreneurs and you can be our next success story.

We believe in giving back and so a percentage of every program is given to MicroLoan Foundation Australia to help women in Southern Saharan Africa to build businesses and take their families out of poverty. To date we have helped provide over 60,000 loans impacting on 355,000 impoverished people.