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Push vs. Pull

The non-networked world was driven by push. The merchant stocked goods and waited for you to come buy them. The manufacturer made things in advance and advertised so you’d go buy them. The cab waited by the corner hoping you’d come out and…


Happy father helping daughter with bike training

More Time to Be Dad with Franchising

For parents in particular, there is a constant tug-of-war going on with how to balance the necessity of provision with the desire to spend time with our families. As fathers, we want to be a respectable model and a provider…

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IFA’s Franchising Pride Council Hosts Educational Webinar

In honor of Pride Month, the IFA’s Franchising Pride Council hosted a webinar to highlight how industry members can increase DEI initiatives and be allies to the LGBTQIA+ community. The council was…

Image of a 'Dry Bar' establishment

Amazing Lash Franchisor WellBiz Brands Rebounds as Portfolio Grows

The application of eyelash extensions is a relaxing experience where one has time to think, or so said Amanda Vann Austin. That’s how she went from being an Amazing Lash Studio member to a multi-unit franchisee

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‘Totally The Underdog’: Inside Mr Yum’s $100m Global Expansion Plans

Most Australians will recognise Mr Yum through the distinctive round QR code discs attached on the table of their local restaurant, café, pub (or even bowling alley). Founded in November 2018, the hospitality tech start-up began as…

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How To Become A High-achieving Franchisee

Successful people need qualities such as focus, self-reliance, direction and determination, but in many ways the single biggest predictor of success as a franchisee can be summed up in one word – passion

A man holding a large cardboard check with his family by his side, celebrating their achievement

Franchisee to Award $213,000 in Burger King Foundation Scholarships

PS Hospitality, a franchisee owning more than 400 Burger King restaurants, will award Burger King Foundation scholarships to 213 students in 13 states. This year’s winners are 30 employees and 183 seniors in local …

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Mosaic Brands Braces for a Loss, as Sales in Mosaic Brands Fall Short of Expectations

Given “the continued disruptions to trade during the period” Mosaic now expects to report a loss for the second half of the year resulting in a full-year loss for…

Woman practicing yoga during a sunrise

Desperate for Some Quiet and Clarity in this Busy World? Mindfulness is the Key

We often hear words such as ‘calm’ and ‘mindful’ being thrown around when discussing wellbeing. A quick Google search displays a ‘calm and mindful person’ as one meditating at the top of a mountain, outlooking the vast horizon. But unfortunately, we don’t…

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BabyBallers Opens First Franchise in Australia

This leading global franchise brand has partnered with DC Strategy to develop their expansion strategy, manage their legal requirements and drive their franchise lead generation and franchise sales and now has plans to…

Front view of a Panera Bread to go shop

Panera Hatches Plan to Fill Urban Markets

Angel investors invest in early-stage startup companies in exchange for a stake in the company. Angel investors hope to replicate the high-profile successful investments made in companies like…

The slimmed 3,500-square-foot prototype—debuting in November—features a double drive-thru, with one lane specifically for mobile orders. The store leverages geofencing technology to immediately identify MyPanera loyalty members, allowing employees to greet customers…

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Common Business Disputes and How to Quickly and Inexpensively Resolve them

If informal negotiations fail, another alternative for resolving the conflict is mediation or arbitration. It is a method of obtaining an agreement that is usually less expensive and faster than…

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Is Beyonce's "Break My Soul" The Theme Song Of The Great Resignation?

If informal negotiations fail, another alternative for resolving the conflict is mediation or arbitration. It is a method of obtaining an agreement that is usually less expensive and faster than…

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Salad Chain FISHBOWL Swims Upstream with New Stores in Brisbane, Gold Coast

A Japanese-inspired salad bar from Bondi with “No More Fast Food B.S.” as its motto is about to launch in Queensland, delivering on plans first hatched before the pandemic to bring its healthy breed of food bowls to the Sunshine State

LeBron James in black shades, wearing a brown leather jacket

The Secrets That Helped LeBron James Become a Billionaire (And Have Nothing to Do With Playing Basketball)

James’ billionaire milestone was achieved through years of strategic and diverse investments — always with a goal in mind. In what now looks like a serendipitous instance of foreshadowing, James famously said in a 2014 GQ interview


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The "How To," Isn’t The How To


We’ve been sold a very old, quite useless idea.
It was an easy sale because the idea used to be true.
The idea is that information enables success.
Eg: “If I just know how to lose weight… What’s the best investment?… I need to figure out whether to do Keto or go Vegan… How do I communicate better with the 14 year old?… How do I get confidence?…”
If information was the answer anyone with access to the internet would be skinny as rake, rich as a king, and living in a castle.
Sure, we live in the information age.
But having access to more information than you could ever read…


Photograph of Simon Sinek, a renowned motivational speaker, author, and organizational consultant.

We are not strong or weak. We are balanced.

We must remain aware of the liabilities to our strengths, and find opportunities in our weaknesses.


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Honouring an Educator, Innovator and Likeable Rogue

I met Maurie toward the end of my psychology training at Monash University while preparing for my Masters Research Project. Most Masters and PhD students do their thesis on a topic related to their academic supervisor’s area of expertise. Usually, the research topic is very…


Graphic for Franchise Council of Australia with the text 'Franchising primed to lead small business recovery in 2022'.

FCA Member Update: News & Resources

At its meeting yesterday, the Reserve Bank of Australia Board decided to increase the cash rate target by 50 basis points to 85 basis points. It also increased the interest rate on Exchange Settlement balances by 50 basis points to 75 basis points. It summarised its decision based on…


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Bringing Together Property Franchising and Wellness Professionals, with Brian Kelley of Phenix Salon Suites

We’ve touched on cannabis franchising on the podcast before, and have actually had one of this episode’s guests join us previously. Mike Weinberger, chief franchise officer for Unity Rd., came on the podcast back in June 2020 to talk about the opportunities present within this nascent industry. He touched on the challenges created by federal laws but was hopeful that…

franchise secrets

How to Avoid Rookie Franchise Development Mistakes

Today Erik is joined by Jesse Hudson, Senior Director of Franchise Development at Franchise Fastlane.
Erik and Jesse discuss the right way to implement Franchise Development–particularly when it comes to emerging brands. They also talk about potential red flags as well as good signs to look for as a franchise buyer.

Franchise Simply Podcast by Brian Keen, featuring the franchise name and branding.

Instant Franchise Radio Show now available!

Our famous Franchise Radio Show, #2 on Top 25 Franchise Podcasts is now available on Spotify* – simply Bookmark it for instant access – how easy is that?

If you’re new to our Franchise Radio Shows, we’ve over 100 to choose from. 40 minutes long they feature a huge number of international experts across business and franchising including Michael E Gerber, “The E-Myth Revisited’ called “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru,” he’s the author of the NY Times two-decades mega-bestseller. Simon Reynolds, winner of many international creative and marketing awards, he’s a very rare person in the world of executive and entrepreneur coaching being a teacher and highly successful business person himself and a panel member on Shark Tank.


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Franchising & Business Opportunities Expos 2022

Dates have been announced for the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expos 2022

Grab your free tickets to all expos online here and use the promotion code TXF.

14th-15th October 2022 at Brisbane Convention Centre, Southbank

27-28 May 2022 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

13th November 2022 at Crown Perth

A runner poised at the starting line, ready to sprint forward as the race begins.


Strong enquiries are being seen by the switched-on groups according to the franchise community that I hear from.

Whether this is simply due to COVID or wider market realisations and acceptance that franchising is the answer to people wanting to step out and own their own business I don’t know – it doesn’t matter.

What does matter, however, is that the whole business scene has altered immensely in recent months.

The fact is.

Businesses who invest in franchising as a road to their own growth, and do it properly, embracing the new technologies, are going to leave their competitors for the dead.


Give me a call on 0417 211 366 and we can have a confidential chat – you may be surprised how simple and effective franchising your business can be…

I hope you enjoyed this.

To your success,

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