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Intention comes with design thinking. Who’s it for and what’s it for? Have you identified the smallest viable audience and built a product and created and designed a service infrastructure around it that works beautifully for this audience?When it comes to the global market, many people tend to think of it as a playground for big businesses. But that doesn’t have to be the case—it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to do business abroad, thanks to the possibilities of…Remodeling company EA Home Design, founded by entrepreneurs Kevin Kamali and Ali Meshksar, saw an opportunity to disrupt an industry that was traditionally focused on brick and mortar store sales. With their industry expertise in kitchen remodeling and home decor, they felt that to differentiate their business, they would need to offer something unique, and stand out.The struggle in motivating your team is that there are so many different ways to motivate them. Every person on your team is unique. Each one has a unique way they are motivated. But once you discover what motivates others, you will be onto something.

While everyone is unique in what motivates them, there are common themes you will find as you try to motivate others. This guide includes 10 ways to motivate your team.Not all businesses invest too much time in creating a comprehensive plan in the initial phase. But most business owners find it helpful to take a step back, define their business idea and target market, identify their point of differentiation, and chalk out the strategy to succeed.So why should you bother to market to people you’ve already sold to? It’s always easier to gain more sales from your loyal customers, than it is to constantly throwing your precious resources at lead generation and having a high rate of customer churn. Here’s why it’s so much easier:Mentors have been through the start-up process before and can offer sound advice on what you need to do next for your company. Advisors are people who have experience with business development or marketing, as well as other specialties that might be needed at this stage of the game.Australia’s job market is constantly changing. Jobs exist today that didn’t 10 years ago. This is largely due to population growth, the economy and technology. So, what can we expect over the next five years?When it comes to the global market, many people tend to think of it as a playground for big businesses. But that doesn’t have to be the case—it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to do business abroad, thanks to the possibilities of…A business is only as successful as its people. As a business owner, it is crucial that you surround yourself with the right team. Team members who share your vision and values and can help your business grow – especially during uncertain times.The truth is, there are several very practical benefits to moving your data into the cloud, including reducing operating costs and boosting efficiency. Here are three more ways cloud computing can help your small business run even better.

To come into contact with Teresa Hsu is, for me, the closest thing to being with a living saint. There she was, a small frame in loose pants and a plain, white cotton blouse, swinging open her blue door even before I could knock on it

After many months of restrictions on events, we are looking forward to bringing you the 2021-22 National Franchise Convention in Melbourne in April 2022. A highlight will be the keynote address by leading demographer, Bernard Salt on emerging trends as Australia rebuilds and rewards businesses that are bold, proficient, agile and determined.The fitness industry has had a rollercoaster for 18 months, with many operations having to close their doors during the pandemic. But now that things are gradually returning to normal, the in-person workout experience is gaining traction more so than ever before.As entrepreneurs, we’re always trying to optimize our time. There are only so many hours in a week that you can work…let alone that you WANT to work!⏰Our famous Franchise Radio Show, #3 on Top 20 Franchise Podcasts is now available on Spotify* – simply Bookmark it for instant access – how easy is that?

If you’re new to our Franchise Radio Shows, we’ve over 120 to choose from. 40 minutes long they feature a huge number of international experts across business and franchising including Michael E Gerber, “The E-Myth Revisited’ called “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru,” he’s the author of the NY Times two-decades mega-bestseller. Simon Reynolds, winner of many international creative and marketing awards, he’s a very rare person in the world of executive and entrepreneur coaching being a teacher and highly successful business person himself and a panel member on Shark Tank.

Listen hereDates have been announced for the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expos 2022

Grab your free tickets to all expos online here and use the promotion code TXF.

4-5 March 2022 at Brisbane Convention Centre, Southbank

27-28 May 2022 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

19-20 August 2022 at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, South Wharf

13 November 2022 at Crown PerthStrong enquiries are being seen by the switched-on groups according to the franchise community that I hear from.

Whether this is simply due to COVID or wider market realisations and acceptance that franchising is the answer to people wanting to step out and own their own business I don’t know – it doesn’t matter.

What does matter, however, is that the whole business scene has altered immensely in recent months.

The fact is.

Businesses who invest in franchising as a road to their own growth, and do it properly, embracing the new technologies, are going to leave their competitors for the dead.


Give me a call on 0417 211 366 and we can have a confidential chat – you may be surprised how simple and effective franchising your business can be…I hope you enjoyed this.

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