Once you have your franchise system in place and have worked out how the business elements will need to be changed to accommodate the new structure, the next step is to get the wheels turning by getting the paperwork done. Why? Because franchising is based on two sets of documents which make sure the whole system stays consistent and every outlet looks, feels and operates the same. Without them you would not have a franchise. Boost Juice, McDonalds and every other franchise group has their systems documented carefully.

So, let’s explore some of the documents you’ll need to consider in your journey to franchisor success.

It All Starts Here: Operation Manuals

Systems and processes are something that we’ve touched on in earlier posts – creating that recipe for success that others can follow. But what does that mean exactly? Just as a recipe gives detailed ingredients and methods for when you want to bake a cake, there needs to be a written procedure for each task that’s done in your business: from how to turn on the lights at opening through to locking up at night – and everything in between.

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A productive thought process around this can be, every time you do a task or see a staff member do a task, ask yourself, “Is that written down somewhere so that someone else can reproduce it exactly the way I expect it to be done?

Then your ‘recipe’ steps for every task becomes a procedure and then the procedures get collated into a recipe book known as an Operations Manual. This becomes the blueprint for your potential franchisees to follow, as it will guide them on how to do everything correctly in order to operate the business right. The Operations Manual essentially makes it easy for others to replicate your success

Getting the Word Out: Marketing Materials

Developing a range of complementary marketing materials that support your brand is ‘mission critical’ for any franchisor. This material could include: brochures, business cards, letterheads, maybe branded coffee cups or menus – and don’t forget signage and slogans!

Your franchisee will likely purchase these items through you, so having all this documented is key. Keeping track of things like fonts, sizing, and each colours’ numerical value ensures your marketing material is replicated perfectly again in future. Furthermore, the physical characteristics for things such as stationary, need to be documented so each output has the same look and feel as the last.

The Legals: The Franchise Agreement

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There are many complexities that need to be addressed in a Franchise Agreement address to ensure everyone’s on the same page that a general lawyer won’t have the expertise to do. In addition, your Agreement must be tailored to suit your specific franchise structure and model. All that work you have done establishing your system and honing the way the different business elements need to be worked will feed into the Agreement.

That All-Important Pilot

And once your franchise system is documented you will need to test it. Most groups start with one or two outlets with specially selected franchisees, happy to work with them to test every operation. Does it really work like this in the real world?

So, what next?

After you get this paperwork for franchising documented and tested, you’re well one your way to building your franchise empire.

We know this can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Just reach out to the expert team at Franchise Simply so we can make the process easier and faster for you!

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