September 14th and 15th at the Vocco, Gold Coast

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Greg Gibbons

I've walked away with now with a much better insight into the whole process. I'm fully prepared to look at taking the business to the next level. If you're looking to franchising your business or take your business to the next level, I highly recommend this workshop.

Andrew Nicholls

I just want to say having just finished this workshop with Brian Keen for the weekend that I can honestly say that in the last weekend, I’ve learned more about franchising than what I’ve ever known all my life.
I simply wasn’t able to find anyone of Brian’s caliber and his team, his list of accountants and so on, the people that he’s put together to help us at such a very affordable and manageable rate. I would encourage anyone that’s considering franchising as a business model. You simply have to talk to Brian. He’s the man!

Hi my name is Shirley McIllvenny and I’ve just been attending this three-day franchising workshop with Brian Keen. I started up a new business and am really interested in franchising and I really enjoyed the workshop. I found out so much really helpful information and been such great value that I would recommend it for anyone who is thinking of franchising.

Dr. Cameron Hopkins

HI, I’m Dr. Cameron Hopkins, I’m a chiropractor in Sydney with 2 chiropractic practices.
And I just want people to know, who’s listening to this, that I started using Brian with his systems on how to simply franchise around 8 months ago And it’s been amazing, the transformation, what’s happened within my practice now that we’re looking to franchise this system.
I must say that Brian and his team are very professional in their approach, extremely helpful and always there if anyone needs them. As business owners, it’s important to have the right team on board and using Brian to help franchise my chiropractic system, has been a godsend. Using Brian as my mentor and coach has been the best move we’ve ever made. I’ve always talked about finding someone or using someone, and like most of us, it’s hard to trust and find the right person. Well I came across Brian at the Sydney expo and straightaway found him to be very helpful and extremely informative. So I’ve been using his services now for 8 months and if anyone out there is looking to start franchising, or just needs Brian as a coach or mentor, highly recommend him. He’s very skilled, knowledgeable in the franchise system and has a world of experience.

Hi my name is Roz Williams and I’ve attended the weekend with Brian Keen’s How To Franchise Simply. I came not knowing a thing about franchising and I’m going away with a cabinet full of ideas. I’ve actually got some ideas I don’t know what to do with but I’ve come away with three ideas how to franchise is something I am already doing. It could be absolutely wonderful. I suggest anyone could come to this course and walk away with some wonderful ideas. Bring Brian and get some really good information — it’s been fantastic thank you.

Annette Corrie

He has so much experience, and can really make what can feel like a scary decision sometimes, into a comfortable and enjoyable experience!

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Workshop September 14th and 15th at the Vocco, Gold Coast July 16, 2019