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Adrienne Simmons

I was looking to see if it is possible to franchise, I've definitely learned from this process that it is, and I look forward to working with Brian in the future on that possibility and inspiring me to doing that in the future.

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Hi my name is Catherine Palin-Brinkworth and for 20 years plus I’ve had information businesses helping organisations grow through the performance of their people. I was invited along to the franchising seminar with Brian Keen and I have to say I’d pretty much made up my mind that it wasn’t going to be off a lot of value – I was just interested. Well, after three days I’m blown away – Brian Keen knows what he’s talking about. And not only does he know his content, he is even more deeply an expert in helping you understand how you can take your content and turn it into the most valuable business possible. He really does know how to help you. I am blown away and very grateful I was able to get here this weekend.

John Lenigen

I've come up for information session over the three days and we found out that really informative. It's probably gonna (0:14 to 0:15 unclear) we have to take it to the next step and again we look forward to working with Brian at some stage in the future to take this further.

Heather Cullen
Coffs Harbour

Go – if you want to know about franchising you’d be mad not to.

Michael McCloud
CarBiz Gold Coast

You can franchise your business without breaking the bank.

Kevin Scrimshaw

I had an initial confidential discussion with him, and Brian agreed to help me, turn my idea into a franchise. And that's when I was subscribed to the How to Franchise Simply Program.

It was a worthwhile exercise in terms of providing me with the clarity and direction I really needed. If you're connsidering franchising your business, I would strongly recommend talking to Brian Keen, getting more information on his How to Franchise Simply program and attending his How to Franchise Simply workshop.

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