Our Franchise Kickstart Training Workshop


These workshops are for my Franchise Program clients when they start to give them a great foundation on what they are going to do and why.

I only run them occasionally for business owners who want to know more about what franchising will mean for them and their business before they decide to go ahead.

Run online or face to face, these workshops can be run for one or for teams or groups of business owners

Our Franchise Kickstart Training Workshops are presented in two parts.

Part One

This is a Franchise Training Workshop run over one day, one-on-one with you and your team at a venue selected by you.

It gives you an amazing overview of franchising. Understanding the big picture makes the whole process much simpler.

Accredited by the Franchise Council of Australia and presented by Brian and, if relevant, some of our specialist team, this Workshop will give you the answers about exactly what is involved with building a franchise and what your responsibilities will be once your franchisees come on board.

When you are done, you will know what you have to do, the costs involved and whether you want to take this path at all.

Like all our Programs, it is based on the Franchise Success Path so you will also understand how you will be taken through the process and what we recommend you do.

Part Two

This is a workshop where we work with you to develop the Critical Franchise Structure of your franchise group.

It is usually run on the day following the Franchise Training Workshop and concentrates on:

  • Developing the foundation organisation structure of your group
  • The basic structure of the systems you will need to run your franchise group efficiently

This foundation will be the basis of all the work you will be doing to convert your business successfully so it is an essential first step in reorganizing your business as a franchise.

To learn how franchising can help you grow your business and get your life back.

We are Franchise Executives Program educators and our Franchise Success Path Programs Kickstart Workshops are certified by the Franchise Council of Australia and the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives and can be credited against the CFE Programs

These workshops

Are for driven business owners
Who want to create more time and money
And grow a significant business asset

We know you’re an experienced business owner with drive and ambition and you’ve heard franchising is a great way to grow a business.

You know by building a franchised business you can attract franchise partners with capital to help you expand your business through the region, through Australia or even across the world.

But you’ve also heard franchising a business can cost thousands, needs lawyers and accountants and takes a lot of work and, if you don’t get it right, it can fail – horribly.

And yes, I have seen franchisors make some fundamental mistakes and fail badly and expensively. But I know failure need not happen. You simply need to know the tricks to getting it right, simply and cost effectively.

After 30 years in the franchising business I’ve developed a system which has enabled me to turn small and medium-sized businesses – from commercial cleaners, security contractors and business consultants through to pizzerias, hire companies and yogurt shops – into successful franchise operations for their owners.

The workshops are presented by me

I will explain the system in detail and show how you can apply it to your own business. I cover the commercial realities you need to think about with each step. I also explain when and if any of my great team of Franchise savvy business experts will be brought in to help you get it right, including:

  • Our lawyers with invaluable franchise experience
  • Our accountant with significant experience in the franchise field
  • Our branding and marketing specialist
  • Our training expert
  • Many more…

I will outline

  • What each element in the Franchise Success Path is about
  • How each element fits together
  • Why it is important to follow the sequence in the process
  • Some of the tricky aspects around converting to a franchise model

And you will be working on some of the aspects of your business during some workshop sessions.

And you will find out…

  • What franchising is all about and how you can use it to grow and scale your business.
  • The hidden wealth-generating opportunities many new franchisors miss … and how to benefit from them and add them to your cash flow.
  • How to work out if you and your business are suitable for franchising (not all businesses or their business owners are right for franchising, and knowing that early on can save you time, heartache and money).
  • Why you don’t need heaps of capital to franchise and, if you do, how to raise working capital in a way that’s self-financing.
  • How to avoid paying the fees that some franchise consultants ask.

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If you are interested in finding out more

To learn how our Kickstart Franchise Workshop can help you grow your business and get your life back.

Need to know anything more about franchise workshops in Australia? Then email me at brian@franchisesimply.com.au Oor call 1300 960 136. That’s my direct number.

If I can talk there and then I will, otherwise I’ll call you back at your convenience.

Franchise Kickstart Workshops 2020 January 14, 2020