Are you thinking about franchising, but you’re not sure if this is for you?

You are not alone. Many successful franchisors have been in your position. You want to rapidly grow your business and are thinking about the exciting potential that franchising offers but you have questions?

You may have heard that franchising can end up costing hundreds of thousands, and after paying all that money… all the time and effort, will the results be worth it? Or you’re worried about the uncertainty of trying to put a growth model like this in place.

Our Franchise Status Review is a great way to help you decide.

You need to be certain that franchising is right for you and your business. Getting it to work can be a huge step. And if you do decide to franchise, you may have no idea how to make it happen, or the steps involved to save you time and money, or which sort of program suits you or your business and how to avoid the many mistakes new franchisors often make.

Designed by Brian Keen, our Franchise Status Review is based on Brian’s proven four step Franchise Success Path.


  • Understanding Franchising
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Roles & Responsibilities


  • Budgets & Fee Structure
  • Franchise Territories
  • Franchise Corporate Structure
  • Franchisee Support


  • Operation Manuals
  • Franchise Legals
  • Launch Franchisor Business
  • Launch Franchisee Pilot Business


  • Leverage Your Success
  • Develop Team
  • Franchisee Induction
  • Recruit Franchisees

The Franchise Success Path is a simple step-by-step system which Brian developed after years of working on his own franchise businesses as a franchisee and franchisor and with his international consultancy helping dozens of other franchisors grow their businesses. This experience taught him that while all businesses are different, if they want to franchise, the business elements they need to change will be very similar. And the shortest way to dealing with these business elements is in a specific sequence with the help of a large circle of experienced advisors.

Knowing the Franchise Success Path before you begin takes the uncertainty out of the decision for you.

Through the Franchise Status Review of your business:

  • You will provide us with a lot of information on your business
  • We will pull together a draft report
  • You will go through this report with Brian, discover the steps in the Franchise Success Path and discuss how your business measures up against it
  • With Brian, you will come up with a one page action plan on the things you need to do to get your business ready to franchise

This means you can ask Brian questions, find out what works and what doesn’t and get his expert insight into your business.

You’ll find out if you and your business are suited to this exciting business growth model.

And you’ll find out what you need to do to convert your business to this growth model, how much work is involved and what it will cost you.

"The business is still growing successfully today despite my retirement. If you're seeking some help in franchising, if you're looking to try and find that person in Australia who knows more about franchising, then you're going to take my word for it. That Brian Keen is your man. If I wanted help with franchising today, Brian's the guy I'm going to see. He's got the ethic, with the work ethic and the knowledge and skill to help most people."

John Allison, Retired Expense Reduction Analysts Consultant

Am I in the right place?

The first step in any of our programs is to suggest you learn as much as you can about franchising. The positives, the pitfalls, whether your business will fit this model and above all to find out if you really want to grow your business through this exciting growth model.

We suggest you start by having a chat with Brian or one of his experts. We will listen to your questions and ask a few of our own and the knowledge we gain about you and your business will give our team a good idea of where you sit. We can then advise you on your next step and offer you options for action.

So, if you would like that chat…

And start the process by organizing the first free consultation with Brian or one of his experts.

Franchise Status Review May 24, 2017