Franchise Intensives

Run four times a year, the next suite of intensives is being held in 2021 on dates shown below

Our Franchise Intensives are open to everyone who joins one of our Programs

With our experts, over three weekends, we take you through the Franchise Simply® Success Path to work with you on each tricky element.

Each two-day intensive covers the main issues you need to address then you complete the work started and prepare for the next session in the weeks between.

Intensive 1

30/31 January
27/28 Feb
21/22 March

Intensive 2

17/18 April
8/9 May
29/30 May

Intensive 3

17/18 July
14/15 August
11/12 September

Intensive 4

25/26 September
23/24 October
20/21 November

One-day intensive giving you an overview of franchising in Australia led by our founder, Brian

One-day intensive:

Go through your business to create your new Critical Franchise Structure working closely with Prue, our Systems Director and Creator/Developer of our cloud-based ops manual platform FranSystems

And we show you how to begin collecting the information you need to create the Operations Manuals your franchisees will need

You will work with our team of franchise savvy accountants to confirm the budgets and fee structures for your new franchise group and other important elements

In other sessions you will work with our recognised branding experts carefully reviewing your branding and marketing to craft it to suit your new franchise business model. Australia’s leading franchise territories and network planning team work with you

We go through the preliminaries for the Legal Agreement with Franchise Simply’s® franchise legal team so that you benefit carefully from a suite of tailored legal documents professionally crafted specifically for your business. These will be a major element of your future success. Then you work individually with Brian as you learn the essential

Everything in the Program level you are on plus…

The Success Path Program in hardcopy and softcopy with instructions, guides, videos, Radio Show Interviews, for you to work through in your own time

Three months to two years mentoring depending on your program level where you can ask questions and get any advice you need from us.

Three to six months’ free access to FranSystems operations software

All the Guides and documents needed to help you make decisions and get the job done

Your legal documents prepared by our franchise lawyers

Provided you get the homework done before each intensive (mostly creating your Franchisee Operations Manuals), at the end of the three months, you will be in a position to start recruiting your new franchisees.

You work with us to confirm the budgets and fee structures for your new franchise group, review you brand and marketing, look at territories, business management in a franchise and your support plans.

We work with you on your Operations Manuals.This is the foundation module where you build the framework for your new franchised business.

You review the brand to see if it is still ontrack to meeting your ideal client’s desires and check that your marketing is still current – especially as we move more deeply into a digital age.

You restructure your business into a franchised model where your new business partners bring in the money and you support them to become as successful as they can be.

You start to build the systems and operations which will keep everyone performing at their best so each service or product is delivered the same, successful way each time.This is the ‘money module’, the time when we work out where your cash is being generated and where it’s flowing to. You’ll start planning your budgets, working out potential franchise fees and considering territory options. You’ll also develop the support and communication systems you need to make sure your franchisees are happy and profitable, so they can keep delivering income to you.

Clear, relevant and comprehensive documentation keeps a franchised business performing and on track.This is where you create the documentation which is the basis of the way you and your franchise partners run the group. Your legal agreement, disclosure document and other legal documents form the legal foundation.

Your operations manuals are completed to include the rules which manage the way everyone conducts business your way.Finally, in this module you will prepare recruitment and marketing plans, recruit your first set of new franchisees and carry out franchisee induction. You will build your franchised business into the future.
As well as these four modules, as part of my TurboToolKit Intensive package you will also get:

  • A wealth of tried and tested support material and document guides that will save many hours of your time.
  • Videos of my previous workshops so you get even more knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in franchising.
  • Access to franchise savvy specialist experts in dealing with legal documents, corporate structures, accounting, territories, documentation and lots more.
  • Access to regular forums during which I discuss important franchise topics with other experts in the sector.
  • Admittance to a password-protected Members’ Website. You’re now part of my community and it’s here that I share the latest in franchise thinking, additional resources, ideas and tips.
  • And much more…

We believe in doing business… …for good

Our quest is to continue to help business owners who want to grow their business into a more valuable asset.

We do this through a number of our enterprises.

Through Franchise Simply® we help business owners who want to grow their business into a more valuable asset through franchising. The team of expert advisors at Franchise Simply® does this this through our simple three step Franchise Success Path which can be delivered in many different ways to suit you. We work closely with our team of leading franchise experts to provide the full range of services to the franchise industry, from carefully crafted legal agreements and operations and procedure manuals, to expert advice on corporate structures, fee structures, territory planning, franchisee support, recruitment and much more…The result - our members implement fast and get everything they need to succeed all in one place. Click here to join our inspiring community of entrepreneurs and you can be our next success story.

We believe in giving back and so a percentage of every program is given to MicroLoan Foundation Australia to help women in Southern Saharan Africa to build businesses and take their families out of poverty. To date we have helped provide over 60,000 loans impacting on 355,000 impoverished people.