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When We Look in the Mirror

When we look in the mirror, who do we see?

[A note I sent to a young friend.]

The person we see when we look in the mirror is the person we become, the person we fight to defend and persist with.

If you see someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends, then every time a potential friend comes along, you will find a way to distance yourself from the heartache of being rejected, and you’ll continue to not have a lot of friends.

If you see someone who isn’t happy with inputs you can’t control, then when new inputs come along, you’ll find something wrong with them and seek more..


Car outside 'Autobarn' shop

Autobarn Revs up Customer Activity with New Programs

Automotive accessories retailer Autobarn has introduced a loyalty program that rewards customers purchasing from physical stores and online.

All Autobarn Accelerate Rewards Loyalty Program members will earn one point for every dollar…

Grill’d Closes Five Restaurants to Offer Free Meals to those in Need

Grill’d Closes Five Restaurants to Offer Free Meals to those in Need

Restaurant brand Grill’d closed five of its restaurants to paying customers and instead open them to serve free meals to those in need on 6 December.

The charity initiative is in partnership with St Vincent de Paul Society and The Salvation Army

Behind the Shades Inside Aussie Eyewear Brand Bailey Nelson's Google Ads Strategy

Behind the Shades: Inside Aussie Eyewear Brand Bailey Nelson’s Google Ads Strategy

Like many small businesses, Bailey Nelson was looking for a cost-effective solution to reach people who were searching for what they sell. So, from the get-go, they used Google Ads.

“We’ve used Google Ads from day one, from trying to drive customers to our original…

Smiling elderly man wearing eyeglasses

Why the RBA Delivered the Christmas Present No One Wanted

The Reserve Bank of Australia must have realised the decision to raise rates in December would brand it the Christmas Grinch. But in recent times the central bank has become quite accustomed to its lack of popularity.

Posh Wash Franchise Business Q & A

Posh Wash Franchise Business Q & A

Damon Stanford and Paul Capkin, founding Directors at Posh Wash Mobile Detailing, joined us for a brief chat at the Melbourne Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo, April 2022.

Lottie Dalziel with a bright pink background, wearing a smile

Sustainability Trends: Banish Founder Lottie Dalziel on What to Expect in 2023

It is really exciting to see sustainability in the spotlight. I’ve been working in the sustainability industry for a while now, but I feel like 2022 was big and 2023 is going to be even bigger!

Gloria Jean's Dose of Caffeine for Retail Food

Dose of Caffeine for Retail Food Group Shares on Profit Outlook

The forecast came with the caveat of not including any material change in litigation relating to the competition watchdog or a Michel’s Patisserie class action, but the optimistic outlook was enough to lift shares by almost 14 per cent to 6.6cps.

Someone flipping a switch

Energy Ministers to Tackle Skyrocketing Power Prices Ahead of National Cabinet Meeting

A lot of eyes will be on energy ministers on Thursday, as they take part in the first of two meetings this week between state and federal decision-makers focused on how to avoid skyrocketing power prices.

Man speaking with people in the background

NSW Government Boosts Start-up Support by $40 Million

Start up businesses in NSW will now be able to apply for more funding, with the state government expanding its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grants program by millions of dollars.

The program is set for a $40 million boost, which will see the amount of money…

Person using a phone and holding a credit card in the other hand

Staggering Number of Email Scams Flooding Australian Inboxes Revealed

We all get annoying emails, unsolicited emails, and we’re also likely to be in receipt of some other emails that might look legitimate but contain links to malicious software, have malware embedded in them or are sent with the pure intent of making you a scam victim.


Myron Golden speaking with a whiteboard by his side

The Master Key To Influence (How To Overcome Procrastination) | Myron Golden | TEDxWeston

Myron Golden has climbed the ladder of success and in-doing so he’s stumbled across what he has coined ‘The Master Key To Influence’. In this highly entertaining talk Golden highlights every key component to fulfilling this idea — and encourages us to overcome procrastination…


Smiling man in a blue long sleeve shirt against a dark gray background

3-2-1: The Last Days of the Year, the Power of Thoughts, and Certainty

“Some things are a job, others are a craft. The primary difference is not the task, but the enthusiasm and curiosity put into the task. The more engaged and interested you are, the more it becomes a craft.”


Eyeglasses focused on a book

The Four Key Focus Areas for Leaders and Managers

Leaders and managers are often challenged with the complexity of their role and competing priorities. Let’s consider what their key focus areas should (or could) be for leaders and managers.

Academics have painstakingly analysed the difference in the roles between…


Man in eyeglasses holding a book against a white background

Did You Miss This?


You probably already know that The Global Success Academy recently became Quantum Orange.

I sent out a few emails with details about the rebrand, so I’m sure you’re all caught up.

But here’s something you might have missed…

Before I launched the new website, I created some really amazing resources for it.


Photograph of Simon Sinek, a renowned motivational speaker, author, and organizational consultant.

Greatness happens when someone with the ability to imagine partners with someone with the ability to see.


Newspaper recently thrown among the bricks in a house's carpark

The 60/40 Rule for Improving Relationships

A few weeks ago, I attended the wedding of my nephew. It was a beautiful event held in the forest on a mountain top near my brother’s home. As we waited excitedly for the bride to arrive, classical music from a violinist and cellist seated under a gum tree, floated amongst us on the warm spring breeze.


Graphic for Franchise Council of Australia with the text 'Franchising primed to lead small business recovery in 2022'.

FCA Member Update: Franchise Disclosure Register

After the close of lodgement was due last week, Treasury has now informed the FCA that the Federal Government’s Franchise Disclosure Register has gone live this afternoon for public viewing.


Image of Ang and Rob in a 'Rants' context

Current Economic Conditions

With so much going on in the world, economically and politically, there must be some sort of impact on small businesses and franchising. Angela Cote and Robert Bruski get into some of the weeds of what’s going on in this episode.

Greg Renk featured in 'The Disenfranchised Podcast' Episode 75

Make Sure You Have the Right Team Around You - Greg Renk - Walfinch

In recent times the care industry has seen a boom in Home Care services, but starting a business in this sector is really challenging as it’s highly regulated.

It’s a challenge that was faced by our guest for this episode, Greg Renk, who could see the opportunity in the sector and leveraged having the right team around him to build his own successful business.

franchise secrets

The #1 Mistake Most New Franchisors Make (And How To Easily Avoid It)

Lane is a Franchise Attorney and co-creator of the Springboard Franchising Conference. Jeff is the co-founder of Front Street Equity Partners.

Today, the trio discusses one of the most common mistakes emerging brands make and gives a simple solution to avoid it.

Franchise Simply Podcast by Brian Keen, featuring the franchise name and branding.

Instant Franchise Radio Show now available!

Our famous Franchise Radio Show, #2 on Top 25 Franchise Podcasts is now available on Spotify* – simply Bookmark it for instant access – how easy is that?


photograph of an old diary

Franchising & Business Opportunities Expos 2022

Dates have been announced for the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expos 2022

Grab your free tickets to all expos online here and use the promotion code TXF.

14th-15th October 2022 at Brisbane Convention Centre, South Bank

13th November 2022 at Crown Perth, Burswood

24th-25th March 2023 at Melbourne Convention Centre, South Wharf

11th-12th August 2023 at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

A runner poised at the starting line, ready to sprint forward as the race begins.


Strong enquiries are being seen by the switched-on groups according to the franchise community that I hear from.

Whether this is simply due to COVID or wider market realisations and acceptance that franchising is the answer to people wanting to step out and own their own business I don’t know – it doesn’t matter.
What does matter, however, is that the whole business scene has altered immensely in recent months.

The fact is.

Businesses who invest in franchising as a road to their own growth, and do it properly, embracing the new technologies, are going to leave their competitors for the dead.

Give me a call on 0417 211 366 and we can have a confidential chat – you may be surprised how simple and effective franchising your business can be…

I hope you enjoyed this.

To your success,

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