Avert the Crisis - Looking for a solution
to take your business through COVID-19?

And successfully grow through changing markets when we reach the other side - franchised or not...

But you just don’t know what needs to be done or even where to start…

How, as a leader, you can survive and bounce back and successfully on the other side

You’re an entrepreneur and know, as Winston Churchill once said, you should never waste a good crisis.

You know business will look very different once this is all over and your business probably needs to change in response. In fact, you know your business really needs to change now, just to hold on until this all passes

Something has to be done quickly to make sure you are on the front foot now and when it is all over.

Because I want to understand how to optimize and grow my business simply through this challenging time

The thing is, before this crisis, I know many of you tried everything to get your business organised so you could grow

Working longer hours, putting on more staff, borrowing money to bankroll expansion
Now, the challenges have just grown bigger – by a mile
And, you know this time, working harder will not cut it

Some of you will need to restructure your business in the short term so you can make the most of the restricted trade permitted today. And this interim business will almost definitely be different to the kind of business you will need after this is all over.

Others will be looking to restructure your business so it will trade better in the new business environment when COVID-19 becomes a distant memory.

Whether you are trading now or not, most know that to bounce back, you will need to show leadership and create a flexible, streamlined and more efficient business to hit the streets running.

You will need the ability to respond to a changed business environment with very different growth opportunities.

You are not alone in not being sure about what to do

I have been here before (even though my previous experiences in 1981, 1987 and 1991 were not quite this challenging, they were bad enough)
These experiences were scary and stressful. Like many others I had a young family and a mortgage to support so I had to take action and move forward.

My first big business shift occurred in 1981 when I had to close my building and property development business and buy a retail Bedshed franchise to survive.

Then in 1987, seven Bedshed stores later, I made the decision to move out of Bedshed and join a partner to open The Franchise Alliance, a franchise broker and consultancy, using our extensive business experience to successfully help all those who were desperately trying to restructure.

Enter 1991, when, now with two brilliant partners, rather than cut our business, we made the decision to expand our offices inter-state and overseas, and to start a couple of franchise groups so we were able to meet the demand for small franchised businesses.

That was the best decision we ever made, because once things started to move, demand for these small franchised businesses was indeed very high, yet there was limited supply because most businesses had not geared up for the bounce-back.

So, I know you can prepare your business to move forward into a new and exciting future

Because of their sustained growth over the last 150+ years, and their survival through epidemics, depressions and world wars, we believe taking a leaf from the franchise model is the best way to explain the simplest, proven path to success for most businesses

How have they done this?

  • They have a simple offering
  • They deliver their product or service efficiently
  • They have great, easy-to-follow systems to enable them to provide that efficient service

And I have seen so many examples of businesses restructured in this way become:

  • Sleek and easier to run
  • Increase profitability significantly
  • Become scalable with options for the way they expand in the future
  • Increase the asset value
  • Bring in significantly more on sale
  • Provide concrete exit strategies

If you want to survive and be ready to bounce back successfully on the other side it is absolutely critical you look at your current business to make sure it will still be relevant as we move out this challenging time.

And to do that, I know the keys are to…

  • Recognise the changes that are happening around you
  • Look for the opportunities
  • Simplify your offering
  • Focus on what your customers really want right now and after this is over
  • Discard the rest
  • Put a strategy together to meet the moving changes you are experiencing now and as you move forwards
  • Structure your business so it can deliver efficiently
  • Systemise and prepare clear operations so you can delegate easily and streamline the way your business works

See what restructuring to create simpler systems did for these business owners

Triumphant Property Solutions

When Shannon Daniels, Triumphant Property Solutions, Perth started franchising his business, he said “I don’t know if I want to franchise, but I do know I want to it to work like a franchise”

Within six months he’d restructured, discarded the domestic cleaning arm of his business and all the work that involved and increased turnover by 48%. Ultimately, Shannon said he was approached by a well-known, major national cleaning company who loved his systems so much that they gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.


Doug McDonald owned SpeedyLube, a very busy car service company in Coffs Harbour and came to me to systemise his business to franchise. When he’d completed the franchising process, he became unwell and had to sell.

The broker told him he’d got 50% more than he normally would have because it was franchise-ready and so his market increased to include people without a mechanic’s background

All About Venues and Circle of Love

All About Venues is a multi-award-winning wedding event business founded by Annette Corrie on Gold Coast in 2007 delivering both beach weddings and the reception afterwards.

After running it for 12 months, Annette was exhausted from the hours and stress of the job, running from the wedding to make sure the reception would flow perfectly. So, she spoke to a broker who told her it was worth $30,000, and probably less. Annette was mortified and to prove its viability and its value she franchised.

At this point she realised All About Venues was actually two franchises, The Circle of Love delivering the ceremony and All About Venues delivering the reception. She discovered why she found it so hard – it was impossible for one person to deliver both on the same day.

A few years later, with franchises in several states, she sold for a significant six-figure sum. Annette went on to be a bestselling author and created her own fashion label. Franchising certainly gave her the start she needed to be a very successful businesswoman internationally.


In 1990 Peter Basich, founder of Automasters, franchised his seven-outlet company group to make it ready to sell within five years.

In 1994 he sold the then 17 outlet franchise group, achieving his dream of a smooth transition from the company he owned to one which now has 60 stores in a couple of States.

The crucial lesson from my past experience is…

Restructure your business to meet the challenges brought to us by COVID-19

So the business works like a franchise

And give yourself a choice on how to grow in the future – franchised or not

Start now by learning what the franchise model involves and how you can make your business work like a franchise successfully and affordably by listening to my FREE Pathfinder Masterclass videos.

The thing is, many of you have the time now, if not the money, to put into making the changes you need and being prepared to move fast and with success once this is all over.

So take the first step and learn how you can restructure your business to build a solid foundation to grow through the changes we are all facing through this challenging time.

Because I want to understand how to
optimize and grow my business simply through this challenging time

Learn what your business will be like if you structure it like a franchise

Learn what it takes to create a successful franchise so you can create your new business – franchised or not

Understand how a business can be restructured, simplified and systemised

Learn how to structure your business successfully and cost effectively

Learn how working through our system with me and my expert team can help you avoid the mistakes so many business owners make when restructuring

Know how you want to take your business into the future

What others say…

Sandra & Simon Allars
Soothe Massage

Sandra and Simon chose not to franchise but they say…

“The triple digit growth we experienced in 2016 after starting the program would have left us floundering had we not completed the ‘Franchise Simply’ process and implemented the necessary procedures to cope.

Business is a journey and everyone is on that journey to success. You just need to learn from other people who are experts in their field.”

Aziz researched carefully before taking the big step to franchise his business and enjoyed the fruits of his effort…

“I feel as if I am taking on this journey for myself but never by myself,” he said, “In 3 months, I have gone from 1 location to currently having another opened and 2 more under construction.”

“Thanks Brian, for your initial and ongoing services. You made the impossible a reality and you did so very quickly.”

Scott Marston

Lisa and Scott have franchised and changed the way they live today…

Scott said if they had to start over, they would go with Franchise Simply again. The consultant contacts used as part of the Franchise Simply System are of the highest quality and provide great value. Our franchise is now up and operational and expanding, and we still use Franchise Simply and Brian Keen regularly as a mentor and friend. 5 stars from us.”

People I have worked with…

The Cheesecake Shop
Pure Natural
Pressed 4 Time
Pets Paradise
Mail Boxes Etc
Kwik Kopy
Jim's Mowing
Expense Reduction Analysts
Eagle Boys Pizza
Donut King
Domino's Pizza
Chicken Treat
Cash Converters
Brumby's Bakery
Bed Shed
Auto Masters
Franchise Alliance

We work with businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

This broad understanding of how business works is why we also work with businesses which are looking for growth through ways other than franchising.

And with the huge opportunities on the horizon for business, education is the key – giving you the big picture – and today we are offering our FREE Pathfinder Masterclass series to give you an overview.

I know business is a team effort

And business is no different

After 15 years in business in 1982 I first saw the massive potential for franchising to create a successful business – fast – after opening and operating seven stores in just five years as a franchisee for Bedshed.

With the knowledge I gained there and later as a franchising consultant in Australia, a partner and I went on to set up The Franchise Alliance, an international consultancy which helped household names like Brumby’s, Ultra Tune, Jim’s Mowing and Donut King.

We used this knowledge to develop successful sales strategies and franchise systems.

We then used those same strategies and systems to build six franchise groups, with over 120 outlets between them.

Based on this depth of experience, I’ve since helped many dozens of businesses to restructure for growth successfully, increasing their profits and allowing their owners to retake control of their lives by working fewer hours.

I’ve brought all my knowledge together in my cloud-based, remote learning venture, ‘Franchise Simply.’ With these smart tools I show business owners how to transform a family-sized firm into a multi-million-dollar asset through a unique four-step system, saving tens of thousands of dollars in consultancy fees in the process.

And because I also understand you will need advice from other franchise specialists from a myriad disciplines, Franchise Simply has an experienced team to work with you every step of the way. You will be able to discuss your decisions with brand specialists, systems gurus, franchise accountants and lawyers, territory specialists and more – knowing you are dealing with the best in the business.

And, of course, I will be there to guide you, making sure each decision has a commercial basis and has input from over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Because I want to understand how to
optimize and grow my business simply through this challenging time

Build a franchised business you can be proud to call your own BETA April 1, 2020