Our Purpose, Values and Culture


Helping people achieve financial independence and live their lives happily and to the fullest.



Our community comprises:

  • The foundation of our valued prospects and clients
  • Supported by Brian and Prue Keen and our caring Franchise Simply® team of staff and innovative expert mentors
  • Our MicroLoan Foundation Australia community

Trust and Integrity

We have a commitment to:

  • Share our knowledge
  • Provide a holistic solution
  • Give value
  • Give what we promise
  • Be caring, open and intuitive in everything we do
  • Be transparent about what we do


We will:

  • Listen, hear and empathise
  • Be caring, helpful and supportive
  • Be flexible in our approach


We will deliver our message:

  • With clear direction using our published/approved resources
  • So, our community can easily understand what we are giving


Is one of trust and respect and is:

  • Giving
  • Open and intuitive
  • Supportive
  • Listening with empathy