You want to franchise…


Our Franchise Accelerator Programs are our core development options for creating a franchised business.

Each program is based on our Franchise Success Path, Brian Keen’s simple four step franchise building system, developed through experience with dozens and dozens of franchised businesses over more than 30 years.

We give you an action focused process to follow, which you may do on your own or you may choose to use the specialist skills of our expert team to do some of the work or mentor you through it.

We know our process is simple to use.

We know it works to create successful franchised systems.

And because it is so systemized, we know it is also extremely cost effective.

We are Franchise Executives Program educators and our Franchise Success Path Programs Kickstart Workshops are certified by the Franchise Council of Australia and the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives and can be credited against the CFE Programs


You want to do the work yourself…

The Do-It-Yourself ToolKit Franchise Program gives you my Franchise Success Path system in a set of manuals.

The manuals include a lot of:

  • Supporting material
  • Templates
  • Videos and podcasts

The manuals are delivered in both hard copy and soft copy so you can work your way through my four-step franchise process – action step by action step at your own pace

To help you get your head around the trickier bits you also get:

  • A One Day Kickstart Franchise Workshop with you and your team personally with Brian to identify the gaps you need to focus on
  • Critical Franchise Structure Workshop with our Systems Director Prue
  • Access to my team of franchise experts
  • Your own cloud-based operations manual, FranchiseSimplySYSTEM
  • And access to our franchise business


You want to get the work done fast…

The Intensive TurboToolKit Franchise Program gives you everything in the ToolKit Do it yourself program plus:

  • Three two-day intensives where you work with us on the changes you need to make to your business. These intensives are run four times a year. We work with business owners in an online group to get your essential plans and documents done and to recraft your business into a franchise model.
  • Three months’ mentoring from us to help you with any questions or issues you may need to work through
  • Three months’ free access to our FranSystems operations software
  • Your legal documents, including the legal agreement and disclosure documents, prepared by our franchise lawyers

This is the fastest way we know for you and your team to get the work done to franchise your business successfully.


You want more help with the trickier bits…

You get everything in the basic ToolKit Franchise Program.

But you know you will need more help in some areas of your business so we discuss the options and you decide how much time you get from each of our specialist team members to do some of the work or mentor you along the way.

The Done-With-You Boost Franchise Program usually involves some of our franchise savvy business specialists…

  • Brand specialist
  • Digital Strategist
  • Franchise accountant
  • Territory specialist
  • Systems and documentation specialist
  • Training specialist
  • Brian’s recruitment advice

Everything is coordinated by Brian and you get his input at every stage.


You want us to do it for you…

We know some of you are looking for a full consulting process where you work with an expert team who do it all for you…

And yes, with the Done-For-You TurboBoost Franchise Program

We can do absolutely everything we can think of so you can get your new franchise off the ground…

First, our SWAT team comes to you to learn all about your business to get us all on the same page
We also start to look at your documentation so we get an idea of what needs to be done

Then our team defines the elements and designs your franchise system for you and you work with them to determine the details.

  • Territories
  • Legals
  • Corporate Structure
  • Budgets and Fees
  • Your Documentation and so on….

Once all this is done, we give you recruitment training and an introduction to experts to help you recruit your first franchisees…

Am I in the right place?

The first step in any of our programs is to suggest you learn as much as you can about franchising. The positives, the pitfalls, whether your business will fit this model and above all to find out if you really want to grow your business through this exciting growth model.

We suggest you start by having a chat with Brian or one of his experts. We will listen to your questions and ask a few of our own and the knowledge we gain about you and your business will give our team a good idea of where you sit. We can then advise you on your next step and offer you options for action.

So, if you would like that chat…

And start the process by organizing the first free consultation with Brian or one of his experts.