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How Do I Franchise My Business?

Achieve maximum returns from franchising with minimal risk.

  • Remove staffing issues

    Remove the hassles of finding committed staff by having franchisees who own their businesses and work that much harder to achieve the success both you and they are striving to achieve

  • Rapid growth

    The franchise model helps you grow your business rapidly because you get an injection of capital as each franchisee joins your system, takes responsibility for managing the business and providing you with the essential working capital you need

  • Leverage yourself out of the day to day

    The systems you have to put in to franchise your business so your franchisees can manage each outlet to look the same, feel the same and operate the same also mean you are forced to delegate and no longer have to be tied to day to day management. This means you can concentrate on other very important things like managing the big picture of your business and your life, increasing its value and creating exit strategy options for the future

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Hi, I’m Brian and I’m a Franchising Expert.
At Franchise Simply we help business owners who want to learn how to grow their business into a more valuable asset. We show you how to franchise quickly, cost effectively and successfully. Because you’ve worked hard to get this far, let us help you get franchising right. And the best part is, we make the whole process really simple.

Why Should I franchise?

brian-keen-worksho-feb-2015 (5)

To expand my business

Most business people who come to us want to grow their business and they know franchising is a way to make this happen.

Because I am proud of what I can achieve

First and foremost, most business owners wanting to take their businesses to the next level are proud of what they’ve achieved already.

Because I am fed up with staff issues

So many of you ask if a franchised business offers a better alternative to managing the staff issues you have and the existing staff you can’t always rely on.

For my family

Although focusing on business to the exclusion of all else is a sign of passiion and drive, most who come to us also recognize they are allowing this focus to interfere with other more important areas of life.

Most recognise that being able to leverage themselves out of the business could possibly give them this precious other side of their lives back.

To manage my business better

And finally, many of you see you are not running the business to the best of its ability. Drowned in the day to day management and dealing with customers, it is difficult to see a way out to work on the big picture rather than on the daily issues which are overwhelming and take away the fun of business

Franchise Success Path

Franchising FAQ

We work closely with our leading franchise experts to provide the full range of services to the franchise industry with answers to all he questions you have.

Our ‘Made-To-Measure’ Franchise Programs range from around $19,000 for our core manuals with supporting material and templates, to around $69,000 for a boutique package developed exclusively for your business and which comprise all our services including expert franchise business consulting and mentoring, a live weekend franchise workshop, branding, carefully crafted legal agreements and operations and procedures manuals, corporate structures, territory planning, recruitment, training programs including our vast resources of podcasts, videos and much more.

You can choose to take our base Toolkit Program and work through the process yourself

Or you can choose one of our Done-For-You or Made-To-Measure Programs and work through the clear steps with our expert team and Brian’s input.

We work with accountants and lawyers, branding, training, and systems specialists all experienced with franchised businesses

Brian’s support is available for two years

The clear step by step actions in each Module of our Programs give you and your expert team a simple framework to progress through, ticking off the items you need to address as you go.

Many actions are backed by additional Supporting Material, Guides, Podcasts, Videos and Workshops to give you the information you need.

This means everyone in your team is very clear about what has to be done when and the help they need to give you to get things done.

Brian and his team are available to help every step of the way makeing the system even simpler to use

See the results... Achieved by our clients

It has been much easier than we expected. There has been a lot of education along the way. We thought it would be a tricky process but it has been quite simple.

We started our journey with Franchise Simply for two reasons. One was to simplify and systemize our business with a view to expansion through franchising.

Todd and Jen Kuhn
Now we have taken the next step and franchised so our business continues to grow.

We went to the Melbourne Franchise Expo in 2015 when franchising was just a dream without legs and then we went to the two-day Workshop where we decided to sign up to one of the programs. We grew 100% in our first year with Brian before we even franchised.

Sandra & Simon Allars
Soothe Massage
Brian Keen from Franchise Simply. He has just been brilliant!

Brian Keen from Franchise Simply has just been brilliant. We chose to go down a franchising model where you can so easily feel overwhelmed. He helped us a lot by getting the order right for the way to do things, by explaining what you’ve got ahead of you and all the things you’ve got to put together and then showing us how and putting us in contact with other people at the right time that it needed to happen.

Lisa Hellwege
I'm still growing successfully today despite my retirement.

If I wanted help with franchising today, Brian's the guy I'm going to see. He's got the ethic, with the work ethic and the knowledge and skill to help most people.

We are Franchise Executives Program educators and our Franchise Success Path Programs and Kickstart Workshops are certified by the Franchise Council of Australia and the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives and can be credited against the CFE Programs

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