Getting your franchise business up and running fast with accurate cost-effective legal support, advice and documents has never been easier or more affordable.

Have you been dreaming of franchising so you can skyrocket your success, build wealth and have a life with more free time and money so you can live the life and have the business you want?

… Yet, despite your best intentions, your dream is always just out of reach?

Does it seem that, no matter HOW many books you read, or videos you watch, or questions you ask, you still can’t seem to figure it all out, and now you’re just about to give up?

Frankly, I’m not surprised!

The truth is, learning how to Franchise and understanding the legalities involved is pretty much impossible to do on your own. There’s just so MUCH you need to understand.

So, we’ve brought together some of the foremost franchise authorities in Australia so you can get exactly what you want, tailored to the specific needs of your franchise business.

This way you can confidently grow your franchise group rapidly knowing you can enforce your compliance requirements, protect yourself from unreasonable legal action, and maximise the number of territories and your franchise fee income.

This inclusive fixed-price package* includes:

  • You work with some of the best franchise authorities in Australia.
  • A Franchise Agreement – fully compliant Australia-wide**
  • A Franchise Disclosure Document – fully compliant with Franchise Code of Practice legislation and…

You also receive these free bonus
Top 10 legal documents which include:

  1. Application Form – to be completed by the prospective Franchisee on initial meeting
  2. Confidentiality Agreement – Franchisee/General Purpose
  3. Confidentiality Agreement – Employee
  4. Confidentiality Agreement – Business-to-Business
  5. Intellectual Property Transfer
  6. Intellectual Property Licence
  7. Bank Authority
  8. Disclosure Document/Franchise Agreement Prompt Sheet
  9. Structure Diagram
  10. Explanatory Notes on the Structure Diagram

Plus you’ll receive these other three free bonuses!

FREE annual legal audits/reviews for keeping your legal documents up to date with all ACCC requirements

Access to the knowledge of numerous Australian and international experts in the field of territories, recruitment, marketing, franchise selection and much more –

And there’s more…

Because we can prepare all the documents you need for every franchise sale – saving you untold risks, frustration and costly hassles

And even more, because when we do this for you as an active client we also maintain your Franchise Code of Practice compliance records up to date – saving you further untold risks, frustration and costly hassles

Currently our franchise lawyers act for more than 40 national and international franchise groups with exposure to over 200 franchise systems, acting for both franchisors and franchisees for over 23 years – so whatever your problem, we’ve probably seen it before.

How to Franchise Simply founder, franchise authority Brian Keen has spent three decades working with businesses just like yours as a franchisee who owned and successfully ran multiple outlets. He’s been a franchisor who started and grew six new franchise groups and in five years and expanded them to over 120 outlets, a franchise consultant and broker and founder of an international franchise consultancy and with dozens of franchises such as Brumby’s, Jim’s Mowing, Donut King and Ultra Tune, developing franchise chains across Australia and internationally, helping all parties to come to grips with running this exciting form of business – so you are sharing in all this invaluable knowledge, so you do it right first time!

So now you have a choice to make!

You can continue struggling to learn how to understand Franchising on your own… and always be disappointed and frustrated with your lack of progress and results…

You can keep dumping endless amounts of money into how-to books, videos and other systems, but still never get a single step closer…

Or you can make a modest investment to get all of the step-by-step help you need to set-up the franchise legals from someone who has already figured it all out, and can show you exactly what it takes to Franchise with success.

Please contact Brian to discuss this option.

I’ve already shown you plenty of examples of others who made the right choice, joined me, and are now enjoying their successes.

It’s high time you did too, don’t you think?

To discuss this program in detail please call Brian on 1300 960 136 or email

And if you would like more input from me and my team of experts, ask about our other tailor-made programs