The years I have been involved with franchising have taught me that the franchise process is the same, whatever the business.

And because I am a businessman as well as a franchise expert, I know that to create a successful franchise, you have to look at the whole business, not just the documentation and the legals.

And the first thing is always to learn about what it takes to franchise your business, how to start a franchise and then franchise your small business. For a start you will be creating two separate businesses with very different functions – one for you as franchisor and another for your franchisees.

So, to help you, I have created a simple four step system – my Franchise Success Path.

Franchise Success Path


The Foundation Of Your Franchise:

  • Understanding Franchising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Roles & Responsibilities


Define The Structural Elements:

  • Budgets & Fee Structure
  • Franchise Territories
  • Franchise Corporate Structure
  • Franchisee Support


Comprehensive Documentation & Testing:

  • Operation Manuals
  • Franchise Legals
  • Launch Franchisor Business
  • Launch Franchisee Pilot Business


Lead Your Franchise To Success:

  • Recruit Franchisees
  • Franchisee Induction
  • Develop Team
  • Leverage Your Success

This Franchise Success Path is the foundation of all of my services.

Because I have worked with so many over the years, I also know you want a choice in how you take on consultants.

So we give you this flexibility in the way the Franchise Success Path is delivered.

We work closely with our leading franchise experts to provide the full range of services to the franchise industry, from carefully crafted legal agreements and operations and procedure manuals, to expert advice on corporate structures, fee structures, territory planning, franchisee support, recruitment and much more…

Our Programs range from around $14,000 for our core manuals with supporting material and templates and no expert help, to around $60,000 for a boutique package developed exclusively for your business which includes all our services including expert franchise business consulting, a live weekend franchise workshop, the franchise legals, preparation of operations and procedures manuals, corporate structures, territory planning and much more.

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