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An early franchisee in 1982 Brian owned seven stores over a five year period.

Co-founder of this national franchise consulting and broking group responsible for operations and training of state franchisors in Australia and New Zealand.

Brian was co-founder of Colombo’s franchise program in WA and negotiated with the brand owner also securing distribution rights for the state.

Co-founder of the group and owned Australian and owned and operated Australian business until selling it to overseas interests.

Co-founder of the group and owned it until selling it to a large dry-cleaning company.

Brian was co-founder of Kenkleen and ran their interstate operations for some time.


Brian co-founded the group in Australia and sold it to overseas interests

Brian was a partner in the Franchise Alliance when they helped Automasters develop their franchise program He also ran their franchisee recruitment program.

Helped the WA state franchisor establish and grow the group in WA recruiting franchisees.

Assisted owner Tom Potter when recruiting a state franchisor and worked closely with them sourcing new franchisees.

Domino’s Became familiar with the company working with Tim McCauley who owned two NSW outlets and was previously Marketing Manager Asia for Domino’s. He later became The Franchise Alliance NSW franchise owner.

Recruited franchisees in WA for state franchisor subsequently acting for them in several states.

Become familiar with the company working with The Franchise Alliance Victoria franchise owner who owned a Melbourne outlet.

Was a business partner in a number of other businesses with founder Brian Cummins and at one time was recruiting franchisees.

Worked closely with national franchisor seeking state franchisor and franchises in WA. Later worked with MBE in other states.

Worked closely with national franchisor seeking state franchisor and franchises in WA. Later worked with ColorTech in other states.

Worked with national franchisor seeking franchises in WA. Later worked with Pure & Natural in other states.

Worked closely with The Franchise Alliance NSW franchise owner Tim McCauley when he was recruiting franchisees. He subsequently took the group to USA.

Worked with national franchisor and later state franchisor seeking franchises in WA. Also worked with Pets Paradise in other states.

Worked with Jim’s Mowing.

Chicken Treat. Sold company and franchisor owned stores for the founder of the group in late 80’s.

Using The Franchise Success Path

And these brands are among the clients who’ve successfully used the Franchise Simply Franchise Success Path to franchise their businesses

Testimonials for Brian Keen

My name is Darren Bonker, owner of a mid-size accountancy practice in Western Australia. I was referred to Brian Keen of How To Franchise Simply to help me franchise a unique financial services product I had created and I found him really good to work with, understanding what I wanted and always providing simple solutions with clarity and enthusiasm. For me Brian’s franchise program receives a 10/10 in for value for money and 9/10 for overall level of professionalism and service. The workshop and the health check were invaluable and clearly showed me my future path, and Brian provided access to a number of excellent consultants and experts. If you want to franchise your business then I definitely recommend you speak to Brian Keen.

Darren Bonker

I turn to Brian for Franchise advice for all my clients. The guy’s a genius.

My name is Dr. Alex Ryan, a consulting psychologist in Adelaide. I first met Brian Keen when I saw him on stage at a business conference and I was immediately impressed with the knowledge that he had about franchising. What I've found is he was able to provide some unique knowledge about franchising that we didn't know about such as where to position franchises and also the checkpoints you need to go through in order to correctly and legally do a franchise or franchise out your business. Basically what I've found is that his knowledge of franchising is exceptional, it's (0:39 unclear) shown through the presentation and his study and experience differently show. I took it to the next level and took some basic consulting advice from him with his business Health Check which is a very cheap and inexpensive way of him evaluating comprehensively whether our business is franchisable. What he has able to provide was an excellent service as a guide through it provides a detailed report on whether our business was franchisable, how that franchise would look and further consulting services if we chose to go forward. All in all, I found Brian Keen very approachable, he's a very friendly (1:17 unclear) his service is excellent, his knowledge is exceptional and he is the go to person definitely when it comes to franchising. If I chose to go through franchising, which will be in the near future in the next 12 months, Brian Keen will be the first person I turn to.

Hi my name is John O Brien, I'm the founder of Pool Werx and I recently joined the (0:06 unclear) of franchising. I'm here in the franchising exhibition in Darling Harbour and ran into my colleage Brian Keen. I've known Brian Keen for many years in franchising and I regard him very highly for his franchise expertise and consulting and advice on all things franchising. If you're looking for that sort of advice I suggest you go and speak to Brian.

John O’Brien

Nine months ago, I commit some work with Brian in setting up our business franchise. Now when I actually took it on, I've pretty much decided that you know I don't even know if I want to franchise my business but I do know I want it to run like clockwork and so throughout the process it meant that you're reviewing out systems that we had in place and refining those and as part of that is that we actually became accredited to Australian Standard 9001. We were able to analyze exactly what the marketplace is doing. And so we determined that we had 56,000 (0:51- unclear) potential clients of which two thousand more add to each year. We then discovered if we only convert, only had contact with twenty thousand of those clients and only converted one percent of them and gained 200 clients for our own business, we would turn over a six million dollars a year. Now what we're doing suddenly seemed really achievable and that it has ultimately affected our business. And putting together the actual systems and franchise we actually discovered that just our franchise business in license fees alone in Perth is worth 1.5 billion dollars, should we get on that path. So in six months time, yes it has costs us about twenty thousand dollars and a lot of work, but we've basically found one and a half million dollars without selling another product so it's been great.

As a Certified Management Consultant, (and a Director of the Institute of Management Consultants), dispelling the myths surrounding Consultants can be hard to do. I totally agree with Brian’s views that the road to successful franchising does not need to cost the world, rather experience and practicality can make for a very cost effective solution in Franchising. Not all businesses are suitable for Franchising, but a good Consultant should quickly sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Peter Buckingham

Whenever my Clients need advice on Franchising there is no other person that I send them to. Brian’s knowledge in this field in relation to helping someone develop a franchise without spending a fortune to do so is truly amazing. If you are contemplating Franchising in any way, I would strongly recommend you read this book and seek out Brian’s assistance to guide you through the process.

When we started our franchise back in Perth in 1992, we actually started with the name and a concept that we got from the USA. Brian work really closely with us to help us get established as a franchisor way back then across Australia and New Zealand it wasn't long in fact before we're going to be the largest white colour franchise across both countries with eighty franchisees up and running. Today, obviously after drawing on Brian's experience, our company has grown, Expense Reduction Analysts now operates in more than 27 countries around the globe. And while I'm retired now, which is why I'm dressed like this, our UK company enjoys a turnover well in excess a $20 million Australian dollars. I'm still growing successfully today despite my retirement. If you're seeking some help in franchising, if you're looking to try and find that person in Australia who knows more about franchising, then you're going to take my word for it. That Brian Keen is your man. If I wanted help with franchising today, Brian's the guy I'm going to see. He's got the ethic, with the work ethic and the knowledge and skill to help most people.

Hi – I’m Ron Taylor – Managing Director of a number of companies.I recently attended Brian Keen’s How to Franchise Simply workshop to see if Franchising was right for one of my businesses.The information supplied and the franchising industry contacts presented at that workshop convinced me that Brian’s 30 plus years within the industry was a valuable resource to tap into.I’ve since found that his course content is outstanding and his personal support exceptional, putting How to Franchise Simply a step above most in the information dissemination industry. If your business needs to move to the next step of being franchised, I would certainly recommend that you contact Brian or attend one of his workshops – NOW.

Ron Taylor

I’m Stephen Wyles founder of Freight Partners. We’ve been around freight for the past 20 years working with major retailers providing just-in-time freight solutions.In my early days in franchising I was fortunate to meet Brian Keen who taught me so much not just about franchising, but many other aspects about the down-to-earth practicalities of owning, operating, and then growing a successful business.To be frank I don’t know that anyone – in Australia at least – knows more about the ins and outs and the possibilities of franchising. And Brian’s style is very straightforward – what I call the nuts and bolts, not the airy fairy theory you hear a lot of people talk about.Brian is not just knowledgeable, he is also great fun to work with so if you’re contemplating franchising as a way to grow your business and improve your lifestyle I believe it would be really worthwhile to contact Brian Keen at How To Franchise Simply.

After meeting with Brian over the phone and explaining to him my future dreams for my business, we got to work straight away. We began by outlining the costs involved. Brian’s fees are well worth the investment. Previous quotes I got before speaking to Brian were 8 times more expensive with the cheapest quote being 5 times Brian’s price. The competitions argument is that they do the work for you. This is not true. The fact is you are franchising your business and anyone you deal with is going to require you do the bulk of the work as you are the only one with the answers to their questions. The whole process start to finish took approximately 6 months (this could have been done in 6 weeks if I could allocate all of my time to it. Brian will guide and help you with the steps involved in getting your business legally franchised. He is also there to support you after you have reached the point of being franchise ready. In short, in business and in life it is rare that you come across someone that is genuinely passionate about what they do. When you meet one of these people, hold on with both hands. The value you receive will far outweigh any monetary amount you might pay them. When someone loves what they do they don’t charge you by the minute. On many occasions Brian has called and still calls to see how things are going with my business. I feel as if I am taking on this journey for myself but never by myself. In 3 months I have gone from 1 location to currently having another opened and 2 more under construction. Thanks Brian for your initial and ongoing services. You made the impossible a reality and you did so very quickly.

Testimonials for the Workshops

I've walked away with now with a much better insight into the whole process. I'm fully prepared to look at taking the business to the next level. If you're looking to franchising your business or take your business to the next level, I highly recommend this workshop.

Greg Gibbons

Hi my name is Matt Buchel, I'm in business which is involved in home improvements. Cutting the real long story short I met Brian about three years ago and now to be honest with you I had a play around franchising, I thought I understood it and I didn't really understand it properly. Back then I got a hold of this program and I started moving forward on it but really couldn't get the momentum I needed. Anyway, I popped back into my computer and I looked at it again and then I heard Brian had a workshop coming up which admittedly which I've done about three years ago. Just through that, this workshop cause I've got a lot further into get an actual franchise group together. I've realized on what a big massive of opportunities I've missed over three years, I wished I've done it three years ago cause I could've got hold of a heap franchisees. Plus part of what I've learned, he has the correct things to put into agreement, correct ways to sructure everything, cause you can't really leave a lot of money on the table if I didn't really realize what I've done wrong to start with. And I've tried dealerships, I've tried all different things but, you know, there's really one way to do it and the only way to do it is actually to do it right. It might give you a lot of headaches, but once you get through it, you're really gonna get some good results so that's why I'm looking forward...

Matt Buchel

Hi my name is Shirley McIllvenny and I’ve just been attending this three-day franchising workshop with Brian Keen. I started up a new business and am really interested in franchising and I really enjoyed the workshop. I found out so much really helpful information and been such great value that I would recommend it for anyone who is thinking of franchising.

Hi my name is Roz Williams and I’ve attended the weekend with Brian Keen’s How To Franchise Simply. I came not knowing a thing about franchising and I’m going away with a cabinet full of ideas. I’ve actually got some ideas I don’t know what to do with but I’ve come away with three ideas how to franchise is something I am already doing. It could be absolutely wonderful. I suggest anyone could come to this course and walk away with some wonderful ideas. Bring Brian and get some really good information — it’s been fantastic thank you.

I was looking to see if it is possible to franchise, I've definitely learned from this process that it is, and I look forward to working with Brian in the future on that possibility and inspiring me to doing that in the future.

Adrienne Simmons

Hi my name is Catherine Palin-Brinkworth and for 20 years plus I’ve had information businesses helping organisations grow through the performance of their people. I was invited along to the franchising seminar with Brian Keen and I have to say I’d pretty much made up my mind that it wasn’t going to be off a lot of value – I was just interested. Well, after three days I’m blown away – Brian Keen knows what he’s talking about. And not only does he know his content, he is even more deeply an expert in helping you understand how you can take your content and turn it into the most valuable business possible. He really does know how to help you. I am blown away and very grateful I was able to get here this weekend.

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

I've come up for information session over the three days and we found out that really informative. It's probably gonna (0:14 to 0:15 unclear) we have to take it to the next step and again we look forward to working with Brian at some stage in the future to take this further.

John Lenigen

My name is Andrew Nicholls and I’m a licensed builder based in Brisbane. I actually have a franchise business with one franchisee that I started about 14 months ago so I have had a little bit of experience with franchising as a system, although the way we got into it was not the ideal. I just want to say having spent the weekend at Brian Keen’s How To Franchise Simply workshop I can honestly say in the last weekend I’ve learned more about franchising than I have ever known all my life. And I’ve been self-employed business owner and contractor all my life. So I just want to thank Brian very much taking the time to run this workshop – it has been really enlightening and really opened my eyes. It has given me a great deal of confidence now moving forward that the franchise system we have we had been thinking about — and obviously we learned some things to tweak it, but it’s given me a lot of confidence and I really want to thank him for sharing the information he has. I’m really looking forward to working with him down the track because as far as I’m concerned, and I spent a great deal of time and money looking, I simply have been able to run find anyone of Brian’s calibre…. and his team of solicitors the accountants and so on, the people he’s put together to help us, at such a very affordable and manageable rate so I really want to thank him and I would encourage anyone that’s considering franchising as a business model you simply have to talk to Brian – he’s the man.

Andrew Nicholls
Just Showers Brisbane

Go – if you want to know about franchising you’d be mad not to.

Default Avatar180
Coffs Harbour

You can franchise your business without breaking the bank.

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CarBiz Gold Coast

I had an initial confidential discussion with him, and Brian agreed to help me, turn my idea into a franchise. And that's when I was subscribed to the How to Franchise Simply Program.

It was a worthwhile exercise in terms of providing me with the clarity and direction I really needed. If you're connsidering franchising your business, I would strongly recommend talking to Brian Keen, getting more information on his How to Franchise Simply program and attending his How to Franchise Simply workshop.

Kevin Scrimshaw

Brian is very knowledgable, has fantastic people, lawyers, marketing, branding people that come in to talk to us and I would thoroughly recommeded this two day seminar to anyone who's concerning going into franchising.

Bob Kirby

Testimonials for the Free Book

Brian Keen has been a tremendous find for me in the expansion of my espresso bar business. In 18 months I have gone from running two espresso bars and not knowing much about franchising to now having two franchised stores (with happy franchisees) plus two new stores set to open over the next 2 months. My expansion plans are very solid, built on the discussions, consulting and templates provided by Brian.

With ‘Should I Franchise My Business?’ Brian has put into writing the lessons he taught me – a safe and profitable way to help others build a profitable business.

For me starting a franchise was a massive task and somewhat daunting. Brain’s contacts have been invaluable.

As my franchise grows different challenges will inevitably arise and it is a great comfort to me that I can contact Brian to ask for his opinions and recommendations as well as ask for contacts who can add to my businesses success.

I look forward to forward to a long business relationship with Brian and can highly recommend ‘Should I Franchise My Business?’ to all business owners who wish to expand using the franchise model.

Guy Thompson

Having been in business for myself for over 45 years and currently presiding as Managing Director or board member on 16 Australian and international companies, it was a real gold mine to discover Brain Keen of How to Franchise Simply when I decided to open my first Franchise group.

The 10 Myths covered in this book were all real to me as I began my journey into franchising. They were quickly dispelled once working with Brian. It may sound as if I am completely biased about ‘Should I Franchise My Business’ and your right, I am.

After working with Brian and his franchise strategies and tapping into his brilliant network of franchise savvy experts, my business is already expanding interstate and continues to grow dynamically. I will be looking to further draw on his over 30 years’ experience in this field to continue that expansion internationally.

This is a terrific book about franchising a business, but it’s much, much more. It is about creating a real dynamic changing business and making an impact while delivering huge value in the marketplace to your customers. It is based on experience and results.

If you want to franchise your business in a big way then ‘Should I Franchise My Business’ is a great start.

I recently read Brian’s book “Should I Franchise my Business”, and found it to be a really practical explanation of many of the issues (myths) people raise with myself and others in the Consulting sector of the Franchise industry. As a Certified Management Consultant, (and a Director of the Institute of Management Consultants), dispelling the myths surrounding Consultants can be hard to do. I totally agree with Brian’s views that the road to successful franchising does not need to cost the world, rather experience and practicality can make for a very cost effective solution in Franchising. Not all businesses are suitable for Franchising, but a good Consultant should quickly sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Peter Buckingham

I first met Brian through a mutual friend about 18 months ago, she told me that Brain specialised in debunking the misconception that franchising is massively expensive and complicated; having been a founder of “The Tap Doctor” I knew the power of franchising and how a lot of so called experts like to overcomplicate what franchising is and is not. Over the course of the last year Brian and I have explored a range of topics relating to franchising on his radio programs, and I can vouch for his expertise and qualifications when it comes to understanding and implementing franchising systems. Brian cares about people which I believe is the key to his success in an industry which requires discernment. This book contains some gems of information gleaned from 30 years of experience at the franchising coal face. If you are curious to see if franchising is right for your business, buy this book and then talk to Brian as it could save you tens of thousands of dollars and years of heartache.

What a fantastic contribution to the Franchise industry. At a time when other, less informed “experts” are complaining about how hard it is for a small business owner in Australia to Franchise, Brian lays out a clear, concise, practical road-map to Franchising success. Brian teaches with the experience, humility and wisdom of a great teacher. By the end of the book you’ll know clearly if Franchising is for you. And more importantly, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next, on your way to Franchising riches. As business mentors, Brian is THE Franchising specialist we rely on to guide our clients in this area.

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As a Chartered Accountant, I have worked closely with many franchisees and franchisors to help maximise their business success. Brian’s book is essential reading for prospective franchisors and if you are in this position, this book provides practical advice which will set you well on your way to achieving your goals.

Brian should be your first stop on that journey. Not only will you have gained the best Franchising Advisor there is, you will have gained a new friend to help you through the journey.

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If you are a business owner and considering franchising your business, you can’t go past the book ‘Should I Franchise My Business’. I have known Brian for over 5 years now and I must say Brian has pulled back the curtains and put everything he knows on franchising in this easy to follow book.

A must read book for practical and considerate insights from one of the most experienced practitioners in the business. Many of these insights will be as valuable to you as they have been for literally hundreds who have come before. Learning from their successes and failures means a much smoother transition into franchising – and what I have found to be a most rewarding and personally satisfying venture!

Don’t let the size of this book fool you. I know many authors and have authored a book myself. This great read is about the length that most business books start at. They are then filled with 160 pages of fluff so they look important on the book shelf. This book is just like its author Brian. There’s no fluff. It targets each point directly and doesn’t waste your time going around in circles like a lot of other business books out there. If you want to do yourself a favour. Read it twice and really absorb what Brian is explaining to you. ‘Should I Franchise My Business?’ will open your eyes and show you how easy and affordable it can be to franchise your business. Before having the pleasure of working with Brian Keen I was very close to parting with almost ten times the money that Brian required to get my business franchised. Anyone, whether considering franchising or not, should read this book. It will dispel a lot of the myths out there and open your mind to real possibilities.

Rave Reviews January 18, 2016

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